New Simplified Calculation Procedure for Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and Feed-in Tariff

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New Simplified Calculation Procedure for Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and Feed-in Tariff

As part of the on-going technical preparations for the proposed mini-conference on the Mindanao Power Crisis this coming late August or early September 2010 and the main conference on “Energy & Climate Change”, the workshop coordinator, Mr. Marcial T. Ocampo, has prepared the simplified calculation procedure for calculating the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and levelized selling price (tariff) for conventional and renewable energy resources.

The result of the simplified formulas using the US NREL formula for generation cost and the RP MTO formula for selling price were compared with the results from a full-blown project finance model and the variance between the two methods were minimal in most of the power generation technologies analyzed.

The input data came from the IEPR research summary of 2007 and from internationally published data on power generation technology by noted experts such as Paul Breeze and yours truly, Marcial Ocampo. More »

ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE: A Complete Review of Power Generation Technologies and Impact on Climate Change

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For:    ________________________ (name of suggested speaker/presentor, discussant/reactor, contributor/donor, exhibitor, participant)

From:  Marcial T. Ocampo

former Executive Director, Philippine Council for Industry & Energy Research & Development (PCIERD)

Department of Science & Technology (DoST)

Republic of the Philippines

Subject: Invitation to Conference on Energy & Climate Change as Speaker/Presentor, Discussant/Reactor, Contributor/Donor, Exhibitor, Participant (top management by invitation)


Dear Sir/Madam:

In view of the need to provide stakeholders’ input into the development of a new energy strategy of the incoming administration of President Aquino towards sustainable development, I would like to invite you to solicit your interest and participation on the proposed conference on

ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE:  A Complete Review of Power Generation Technologies and Impact on Climate Change

Date: tentative September-October 2010

Venue: To be arranged More »

The Noynoy Aquino Presidency – Its Character and Overall Plan

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The Noynoy Aquino Presidency – Its Character and Overall Plan

(This report is in power point format.  It is supported by an excel file complete with energy data and government economic statistics. Printed copies of this discussion paper were sent to President-Elect Noynoy Aquino and Sec. Butch Abad about a month ago during the canvass of the presidential and national elections held last May 2010. It is my fervent wish that the problem identification, analysis, findings & conclusions, alternative solutions and recommendations will be looked into by the new cabinet and President Noynoy so that an intelligent discussion may be held in this proposed conference on Energy & Climate Change to be held at the ADB this end of July 2010 would be meaningful and an action plan would be drawn up by the participants for transmittal and endorsement to the new administration of President Noynoy Aquino.  A program schedule is being prepared together with the topics and suggested speakers. Interested speakers and participants may email me for an advanced copy of the proposed program. Cheers. Marcial Ocampo)


  • •Your Presidency for the next 6 years is a new dawn and a great beginning in our country’s journey of change – seize the moment
  • •You need to understand the problems facing the country – climate change, energy and food security, and pricing
  • •You need to implement doable programs and lay down framework for continuity beyond your term – deliverables
  • •You need to present your action plans and implement them – with full transparency
  • •You will save the country from a “Greek Tragedy” – when you promote predictable revenues, reduce tax leakages and utilize resources efficiently (reduce corruption) to deliver your promises (food, education, health, security, infrastructure) More »

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Power Project

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Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Power Project

This is a power point presentation with a project finance model for calculating feed-in tariff (FiT).

The FiT is a renewable energy charge paid to renewable energy (RE) developers for providing power to the grid.  It is paid for by the Transco operator who collects a renewable energy charge (REC) from all consumers of electricity in the country.  By being spread out to all consumers, the burden of a higher FiT compared to the average grid rate is shared equally by all citizens and consumers alike since they will benefit from the positive impact of RE on global warming and climate change issues.

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