The Thematic Resume/CV of Marcial Ocampo – the Energy Technology Expert

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The Thematic Resume/CV of Marcial Ocampo – the Energy Technology Expert

To download the thematic resume/CV of Marcial Ocampo, kindly click on the link below:


_Marcial Ocampo_CV_October 2017


Hope I can be of help and contribute to the growth of your company.


Marcial Ocampo

63-915-6067949 (GLOBE mobile)


Let us modernize our metro manila bus system, not the jeepney system

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Let us modernize our metro manila bus system, not the jeepney system
Yes, modernizing the jeepney system with the same set of drivers we have today won’t solve our metro manila traffic problem. There will still be numerous of them blocking intersections, loading passengers at both sides of the intersection and still be the cause of grid locks. They will still operate illegal terminals and impede traffic flow at the end of road networks.
The correct solution is modernizing our bus system into two competing bus consortia – radial bus consortium and circular bus consortium.
The high volume profitable routes will subsidize the low volume non-profitable missionary routes usually dominated by the phased out jeeps and operated in a predictable bus schedule. I was in Leeds, UK and the municipal bus system operates in clock-work fashion. Bus stop posts shows the expected time the bus will pass and as commuter, you can be at the bus stop 5-10 minutes before schedule and queue to be able to ride and use your beep card to pay.
Why modernize the jeeps that lacks passenger capacity and passenger volume – they even have to operate an illegal terminal in order to survive and share the small volume of passenger – and then force them to purchase a costly vehicle? It will never work.
Let us follow the central dispatched bus consortium (of many bus owners and jeepney operators and phased-out drivers). The drivers will be monthly salaried and have minimum education requirement of college graduate like in Bangkok. They won’t be clogging intersections and drive with utmost courtesy thus avoiding gridlocks.
Using buses in major and minor routes eliminates many smaller jeepneys, AUVs, taxis and private cars since not all routes can be served by above ground and underground rail (LRT, MRT). There can be central dispatch to match bus volume with passenger volume at all times 24/7 operation. There will be intersecting radial and circular bus routes so passengers can navigate their way into the central business district in the most optimal manner.
Since the buses will be using beep cards, fares are paid electronically and passenger volume is monitored by central computers to optimize dispatch of buses in all radial and circular routes and complement the rail system (LRT, MRT).
Look at Tokyo and Seoul, they don’t have jeeps and small public transport, but have an integrated rail and bus system only to be complemented by a taxi system for the last-mile travel that is well-managed and disciplined.
Unless we phase out the low-capacity jeepneys and AUVs and replace them with an efficient centrally dispatched bus consortia of radial and circular route system using beep cards for electronic payment and computerized passenger volume monitoring with monthly salaried drivers, WE CAN NEVER SOLVE THE METRO MANILA TRAFFIC PROBLEM.
Marcial Ocampo


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OMT ENERGY ENTERPRISES – Now Open for Business

Yes, we are pleased to announce that OMT Energy Enterprises is now open for business.

OMT ENERGY can conduct in-house seminars, workshops and one-on-one training on power generation technology (description, history, capital and operating cost, power plant modeling, and economic and financial analysis to determine the feasibility of each technology).

Later on, OMT ENERGY will assist investors set up energy and power companies, register and secure permits, licenses and incentives from relevant authorities.

The cost of conducting in-house seminar, customizing project finance models, preparing power demand, energy demand, GDP and price forecasts, and feasibility studies  can be negotiated by contacting Marcial Ocampo at:



63-915-6067949 (GLOBE mobile)

Marcial can also be the chief executive officer (CEO, President), chief financial officer (CFO), chief operating officer (COO) or chief technical officer (CTO) or head of any major department in your company.


Following are services offered by OMT ENERGY:

Project Finance Modeling and Feasibility Study of any business enterprise

Supply/Demand/Price Forecasting with Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS)

Deterministic and Stochastic Project Finance Modeling with MCS

Integrated Wind Speed, Power Curves, Capacity Factor and Project Finance with MCS

Conventional and Renewable Energy Statistics (historical, forecast)

Renewable and Conventional Energy Supply/Demand and Tariff Studies

Renewable Energy Resource Assessment (wind, solar, mini-hydro) and Optimal Configuration

Clean Coal and Conventional Coal Project Finance and Feasibility Studies

Petroleum Supply/Demand and Pump Price Studies

LNG Market Study and Fuel Substitution Studies

Biomass Power Barrier Removal

Mini-hydro Power Design, Costing, Modeling and Feasibility Studies

Tri-Generation (Power, Heat, Cooling) Optimization & Financial Modeling

Mid-Term and Final Term Review of WB, UNDP and ADB Projects

Energy & Business Development

Oil, Energy & Electricity Pricing

Feed-In Tariff Calculation for Renewable Energy/Electricity

Refinery, Utilities, Distribution & Transportation Optimization

Refinery & Petrochem Process Modeling & Optimization

Optimal Power & Load Dispatch

Project Finance, Power Plant Modeling & Financial Modeling

Market, Technical & Economic Feasibility Studies

Dam Simulation Modeling & Studies

General Ledger Accounting System

Loans Processing System

Business Modeling & Corporate Planning

Oil Industry Retail & Distribution Expansion Studies

Small Scale Project Finance Models (diesel, hydro, biomass, wind, solar, cogeneration, hybrid-RE)

Large Scale Project Finance Models (oil, coal, geothermal, gas turbines, combined cycles, nuclear)


OMT Energy Enterprises

OMT Energy Enterprises is owned and headed by Marcial Ocampo.

Marcial has prepared the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of all power generation technologies and existing power plants in the country so that a merit order load dispatch schedule (least expensive to most expensive) is prepared to determine the marginal power plant and clearing price for WESM.

Marcial was engaged full-time by SMC GLOBAL POWER HOLDINGS from Oct 1, 2014 to Sep 30, 2017 to provide energy consultancy services in energy & power, financial modeling, optimization for least cost capacity expansion planning, optimal load dispatch, and Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) of supply and demand studies, forecasting WESM clearing prices, and MCS of project finance models to determine distribution of NPV, IRR, and PAYBACK of equity and project returns, net present value of income after tax discounted with pre-tax WACC, the pre-tax WACC, electricity tariff, annual generation and average capacity factor.

He is an Energy & Power Generation Technology Selection and Business Development Consultant for oil, gas, coal, geothermal, hydro, and renewable energy technologies such as biomass, solar, wind, mini-hydro, ocean thermal and ocean wave, energy storage and clean energy technologies. He conducts power and energy market studies, supply & demand studies, energy forecasts & projections, pre-feasibility studies, power plant modeling, project finance modeling and feasibility studies. He also optimizes load dispatch, least cost capacity expansion planning using linear programming (LP) models.

Marcial provides optimization and LP models for maximizing refinery value (product sales less crude cost, refining cost, refinery fuel, power and utilities, and other costs), transportation optimization such as petroleum product transshipment, product formulation such as least cost feed-mix component blending, and optimizing manufacturing processes.

From your Energy Technology Expert

Marcial Ocampo