Educational Background & Work Experience

Marcial finished his B. S. in Chemical Engineering degree from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City in 1973. He took his Chemical Engineering Board Exam in July 1973 and placed 2nd with an average of 87.75%.

Marcial joined the College of Engineering teaching staff in 1973 and enrolled likewise in the M. S. in Chemical Engineering. He successfully defended his thesis entitled “The Assimilative Capacity of Some Rivers in the Philippines, an LP Model” in 1978.

While doing part-time teaching, Marcial took a full-time job in Tide Detergent Brand Management at Procter & Gamble PMC in 1975.

While preparing his masteral thesis, the need to obtain actual river data on DO and BOD required that he join the Pampanga River Delta Project of the DPWH in 1976. He went further into Engineering Consultancy as a Research Associate at the Economic Development Foundation in 1977. One of his major project was the “Water Quality Modeling of the Laguna Lake and The Maximum Assimilative Capacity of Philippine Rivers”, an LP Model for determining maximum BOD load to meet minimum DO levels for NEDA. This practical experience helped Marcial in finishing his masteral thesis in 1978.

After completing his masters, Marcial joined the PNOC and was detailed as Section Chief for Transport, Building & Machineries at the Bureau of Energy Utilization (BEU) of the Ministry of Energy (MOE).

As part of his training, he was sent in 1979 to study Combustion & Energy at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. His masteral thesis entitled “The Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Methanol-Fueled Spark Ignition Engine” was completed in 1980 under the auspices of the British Council.

In 1980, Marcial and other BEU and NPC staff were sponsored by USAID to study Industrial Energy Conservation at the University of Tennessee. They visited a number of TVA coal-fired and hydro power plants that were famous for complying with the rigid EPA standards.

The EDSA Revolution in 1983 resulted in the re-assignment of PNOC-detailed staff at the MOE. Marcial opted to be assigned at the Petron Bataan Refinery in Limay, Bataan. He pioneered the computerization of the Refinery of its tank gagging system, maintenance management system and refinery linear programming system. He was trained on the use of the Haverly LP System and applied it in the initial feasibility study of the refinery expansion and debottlenecking project being prepared by Arthur D. Little Consultants of Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

He took early retirement in 1973 and went into private business. His company developed an LP model for the transshipment of finished products from the refinery to the various oil depots nationwide. For small and medium enterprises, a Real-Time General Ledger Accounting System was developed and linked to the Loans Processing System of a number of Lending Investor companies in Manila.

Marcial returned to work as EDP, Budget & Planning Manager for Petronas Energy Philippines Inc. to join his former BEU Director and PNOC Logistics VP Orland L. Galang in 1996. The plan to go nationwide on both white and black oil products did not materialize due to the Asian financial crises in 1997, and Marcial went back to his private business.

In 1999, Marcial served as Executive Director of PCIERD under DOST Secretary Felimon A. Uriarte, Jr. Later on, Marcial joined the First Generation Holdings Corporation of the Lopez Group as Senior Manager for Technical Services in 2001.