Expertise (energy audits, energy efficiency, feasibility studies, financial modeling, CDM & Kyoto carbon emission credits, technical due diligence)

Marcial’s experience provided him with the basic tools and skills in 1) identifying, developing, implementing and supervising projects that mitigate climate change, and 2) providing expert advice on energy utilization efficiency and renewable energy developments. He also conducted energy conservation audits on major industries to improve energy utilization efficiency and reduce emissions.

His responsibilities at the First Gen allowed him to develop pre-feasibility studies for renewable (wind, solar, small and mini-hydro) and do project finance modeling of power assets for acquisition (2 coal plants, 2 geothermal plants and 1 large hydro).

His financial modeling studies on a mini-hydro power plant in Mindanao included clean development mechanism (CDM) applications. Specifically, the financial model included the initial costs for estimating the greenhouse gas emission reduction, registering the project and the benefits streams (CO2 revenues less monitoring and verification costs). This allowed top management to estimate the returns on the project with and without CDM and carbon emission benefits.

During technical due diligence audits, he was responsible for developing the efficiency or heat rate curves at various power output levels, estimating capital costs for improving plant reliability, availability and efficiency, and environmental remediation requirements.

He also recommended the maintenance cycles (major and minor overhauls) to determine net generation potential and revenues during the remaining life of the power asset for sale. Marcial provided coordination in preparing the model inputs in order to arrive at a bid price for acquiring the asset.

Marcial has been exposed to various trainings on the Kyoto Protocol, Clean Development Mechanism, Cleaner Production (for coal), Financial Modeling and Energy Efficiency/Conservation Opportunities.

Marcial’s other interest includes preparing simple financial / economic models for a business concept like apartment rental (monthly or annual model), franchising, renewable energy applications, lending investor business, and personal financial planning.