Marcial Ocampo and his Major Achievements in Life

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Marcial Ocampo and his Major Achievements in Life

Marcial obtained his elementary education and graduated as the Grade 6 Valedictorian and continued his high school education at San Sebastian College in Manila and finished Year 4 Salutatorian.

Marcial studied at the University of the Philippines in Diliman Quezon City and finished his B.S. and M.S. Chemical Engineering degrees. He also took the Chemical Engineering Licensure Exam in August 1973 and passed as 2nd Placer with an 87.75% rating. He became a British Council scholar at the University of Leeds, UK, where he finished his M.S. Combustion & Energy and thesis in just one year.

Marcial joined the Department of Energy as a PNOC-PETRON-hire seconded as Section Chief of the Transport, Buildings & Machinery Section under the Conservation Division of DOE and conducted various energy audits of major industries throughout the country. Later on, when the DOE was abolished and replaced by the Ministry of Energy (MOE), Marcial transferred to the Petron Bataan Refinery (PBR) as Computer Systems Group head and Linear Programming (LP) model custodian. He retired from PETRON and then went on to work for PETRONAS Energy Philippines Inc. (PEPI) as EDP & Budget Manager and Executive Director of 50+ staff PCIERD-DOST upon the invitation of the DOST Secretary.

Marcial went into business providing computer hardware and General Ledger (GL) Accounting System that provided real-time transactions, month-to-date and year-to-date Income & Expense Statement, Balance Sheet Statement and Trial Balances which automated the preparation of Financial Reports for submission to SEC and BIR, as well as shareholders of any company. The GL was utilized in a number of lending investor companies that benefited from having a real-time accounting system.

Marcial was a Senior Technical Services Manager at First Gen Corporation where he was introduced to power plant modeling and simulation, and later, into project finance modeling that determines the economic feasibility of power plant projects and alternatives, and to value the privatization price of an asset of NPC for bidding to interested buyers.

He prepared a compendium of all power generation technologies (renewable, conventional, fossil, nuclear, energy storage) in power point presentation format and developed a template project finance model to calculate the first year tariff (or feed-in-tariff in the case of renewable energy), equity and project returns (IRR, NPV, PAYBACK), debt service cover ratio (DSCR), benefit-to-cost ratio (B/C), and other financial ratios to assess financial risks of the project during the planning stage of the project cycle. In addition to this deterministic (fixed) template, he prepared a version with stochastic (probabilistic) analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS).

The MCS model varied by +/- 10% the independent inputs in a random manner such as electricity tariff, availability factor, fuel heating value, debt ratio, plant capacity, all-in (overnight) capital cost, variable O&M cost, fixed O&M cost, cost of fuel, efficiency or plant heat rate and exchange rate. The MCS dependent output consists of a probabilistic distribution curve of equity and project returns (IRR, NPV, PAYBACK), net profit after tax, pre-tax WACC and electricity tariff (or feed-in-tariff for renewable energy). The shape of the distribution curve and relative position of the average value of the dependent variable is indicative of project risk.

He also prepared a manual on “How to Design a Mini-hydro Power Plant” and developed a model to “Optimize Penstock Diameter given its Thickness, Strength, Diameter, Capital and Operating Costs, Cost of Electricity and Friction Loses”.

Marcial is civic mined and patriotic, and helped the government thru the DOE in the “Crude Oil Price Hike to USD100 per barrel Impact Study in 2008” and the “Oil Price Review Study of 2012” where he developed the Oil Pump Price Calculation Excel Model to predict changes to pump price or absolute pump price given changes in FOB or MOPS import cost, ocean freight and insurance costs, exchange rate, gov’t excise taxes and port charges, brokerage and arrastre charges, VAT on importation activities, oil company margin, pumping and transshipment costs, hauling costs, dealer margin, and VAT on local activities. The pump price model can be downloaded from the DOE Website.

Later on, he was called upon by the DOE to assist in the 2012 Independent Oil Price Committee (IOPRC) review of the reasonableness of oil pump price (absolute and adjustments). His Oil Pump Price Calculation (OPPC) Model was adopted and posted in the DOE website which was later used very recently in the 2016 Oil Price Impact Study of an oil industry sector position paper submitted to the Philippine Congress.

He assisted a foreign consultant prepare a historical analysis of the short-run marginal cost (SRMC = variable O&M cost + fuel cost) and long-run marginal cost (LRMC = annualized capital cost + fixed O&M cost + regulatory cost + SRMC) for all power plants in the country in order to assist a client prepare his competitive bid offers in the Wholesale Electric Spot Market (WESM) as well as prepare their capacity expansion plans.

Marcial also assisted the Philippine Congressional Committee on Dam Safety in improving the Dam Water Release Protocol by providing Dam Water Release Simulation Model to predict dam height (meters) and volumetric release rate (cubic meters per second) every hour of the simulation given the initial dam height and volume, power generation and water discharge, dam strapping table (volume vs. height), rainfall data (mm per hour) and area of the dam watershed and upstream drainage area with rainfall data or equivalent upstream dam release rate. This model answered the question: “How many hours and rate of pre-emptive discharge is necessary to increase a dam’s storage capacity in order to have sufficient space to absorb an incoming storm and thus avoid a catastrophic dam spill that will inundate downstream low land areas”. The model accurately predicted the volumetric release rate at the height of the storm when the dam spilling level was breached. It also recommended how many days and rate of pre-emptive discharge is needed to avoid the dam spill during the height of Typhoon “Ondoy” and “Peping” that inundated the provinces of Pangasinan and Tarlac resulting in PhP 40 billion of damage and lost properties and lives.

He also assisted the economic team that studied the proposed excise tax increase in gasoline, diesel, kerosene, LPG, fuel oil, lubes & greases, and other petroleum products such as waxes & petrolatums to predict the price disturbance to be inputted into the input-output matrix of the Philippine economy to predict impact on GDP, inflation and employment.

Marcial also developed a Delivered Coal Price Calculation (DCPC) Model to calculate the impact of increasing the excise tax on coal from the current level of 10.00 PHP/MT to 300.00 PHP/MT, and to use his template project finance model for coal-fired power plants (PC, CFB, subcritical, super-critical and ultra-super-critical) to determine the impact of the excise tax increase in equity and project returns (IRR, NPV, PAYBACK) or determine the first year tariff to meet target equity and project IRR.

Marcial continued to develop his overall skills in energy & power and became an International Consultant at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and travelled to Jakarta, Beijing, Shanghai, New Delhi and Chennai conducting mid-term and full-term project evaluation of wind diesel hybrid, 3rd generation fuel cell bus, biomass energy and India tea manufacturing.

Later, Marcial applied his energy & power expertise to join Sinclair Knight Mertz (SKM) as Senior Power Generation Engineer as part of the “Energy City”, an On-shore LNG Refrigerated Terminal and Re-gassing Facility project team at Limay, Bataan proposed by Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company (AG&P). This project has been revived recently by the Araneta energy group.

Marcial then joined the SMC GLOBAL POWER HOLDINGS CORPORATION as Energy & Power Consultant and finished a number of feasibility studies for an industrial park, coal-fired power plant using clean coal technology (CFB) and a coal mine project where he converted the coal-mine production plan into a project finance model to determine the cost of delivered coal to another SMC power plant in Mindanao. He provided in-house financial modeling expertise on solar PV, wind, mini-hydro, large hydro, natural gas-fired CCGT and coal-fired clean coal technology (CFB).

Currently, Marcial is finishing the terminal (final) project evaluation of a UNDP-funded project being implemented by the Philippine Climate Change Commission (CCC) on “Low Emission Capacity Building (LECB) Project for the Philippines”.

Marcial is also developing a 50 MW Grid-Connected Solar PV Power and Energy Storage Project in a 50ha project site in Central Luzon in a vast titled estate to provide alternative income to the land owner. He will be soliciting shortly proposals from interested industrial partners to co-develop the project and said partner will provide the technical and financial know-how that will provide beneficial interest to the land owner by way of land rental and share of net income after tax.

Marcial is now available for new endeavors this coming New Year – January 1, 2018.

Contact Details:

Marcial T. Ocampo

+63-9156067949 (GLOBE mobile)

+63-2-9313713 (PLDT home landline) (email) (email)


Expertise of Marcial Ocampo- now available for engagement (projects and consultancy or fixed employment)

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Expertise of Marcial Ocampo – now available for engagement (projects and consultancy or fixed employment)

Conventional and Renewable Energy Statistics (historical, forecast)

Renewable Energy Supply/Demand and Tariff Studies

Renewable Energy Resource Assessment (wind, solar, mini-hydro) and Optimal Configuration Studies

Clean Coal and Conventional Coal Project Finance and Feasibility Studies

Electricity Supply/Demand and Tariff Studies (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, island grids) More »

Marcial Ocampo – the Energy Technology Expert (now available for projects and consultancy or fixed employment)

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Marcial Ocampo – the Energy Technology Expert (now available for projects and consultancy or fixed employment)

Today, at 2pm on December 6, 2012, the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE) and the Energy Management Association of the Philippines (ENMAP now ENPAP) will confer on Marcial a SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD for his significant contributions to goals and achievements of the energy conservation (ENERCON) and energy efficiency initiatives of the government and private sector. The venue of the awards giving is the MERALCO Multi-Purpose Hall. Please be there my friends at the DOE, PNOC, PBR, PETRON, PETRONAS PHIL, DOST, FIRST GEN, UNDP, ADB and WB-IFC.

Marcial T. Ocampo is a Chemical Engineer and placed 2nd place during the 1973 Chemical Engineering Board Examination. Marcial also pursued advanced studies when he finished his M.S. Combustion and Energy from University of Leeds, UK. More »

Get Your Energy Technology Articles the Easy Way – Shopping Cart

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Get Your Energy Technology Articles the Easy Way – Shopping Cart

You can now order on-line your energy technology articles the easy way – via the Shopping Cart.

Once you have decided to purchase, proceed to order via the shopping cart and pay thru PayPal thru your bank account or your credit card and download immediately the models. More »

Get Your Project Finance Models the Easy Way – Shopping Cart

Get Your Project Finance Models the Easy Way – Shopping Cart

You can now order on-line your project finance models the easy way – via the Shopping Cart.

Once you have decided to purchase, proceed to order via the shopping cart and pay thru PayPal thru your bank account or your credit card and download immediately the models. More »


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Marcial Ocampo is a local and international expert and consultant on Energy & Climate Change. He is also an energy technology selection and business development expert and has prepared many feasibility studies on both conventional (oil, coal, natural gas) and renewable energy (biomass, mini-hydro, solar PV and wind). He has prepared a complete line of project finance models for almost all power generation technologies to calculate its long-run marginal running cost (LRMC) which is also known as the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) as well as first year tariff (also called feed-in-tariff for renewable energy). He also applies linear programming techniques in optimizing the configuration of co-generation and tri-generation systems (power, process heat, space cooling) and power plant dispatch to arrive at optimal power generation mix. He is also an expert in oil price calculations and tariff calculations which could be applied to renewable energy feed-in-tariff, conventional energy and electricity tariff as well as water distribution tariff.  More »

Energy Technology Articles and Project Finance Models

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 Energy Technology Articles and Project Finance Models

 This Christmas, give your self the greatest gift – the energy technology selection articles and project finance models for conventional, nuclear, storage and renewable energy technologies.

Jump start your career in energy and power generation consultancy and use the best models that will support your project feasibility studies.

Get your models from a leading expert in the preparation of energy and power plant feasibility studies.

To order, please email the expert for payment details and how to receive the articles and models.


Marcial Ocampo

More »

Integrating energy resource assessment to project finance modeling : the key to fast turn-around in analyzing renewable energy potential and its economic viability

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Integrating energy resource assessment to project finance modeling : the key to fast turn-around in analyzing renewable energy potential and its economic viability

I am now in Jakarta, Indonesia as international technical consultant of a wind-diesel hybrid power generation project of an international development agency.  My consultancy is pioneering work that is applicable especially to poor and developing economies that has very little access to integrated consulting services that are appropriate to developing economies in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

Doing a renewable energy (RE) resource assessment of an intermittent source such as solar PV and wind and sometimes biomass, biogas, landfill methane gas, municipal solid waste (MSW) is indeed a backbreaking exercise even for an experienced consultant.

This difficulty is now a thing of the past because your Energy Technology Selection Expert (Marcial) has automated and computerized in an easy-to-use and accurate spreadsheet the evaluation of wind energy potential (which could be applied also to solar PV) that is found in wind speed data from space satellite doppler data measurements.

In a minute or two, a wind site using a wind turbine model (power curve) could be evaluated in terms of its kW output, leading to annual generation potential.  Thus a wind site with many turbine models could be optimized in less than 30 minutes. More »

The Noynoy Aquino Presidency – Its Character and Overall Plan

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The Noynoy Aquino Presidency – Its Character and Overall Plan

(This report is in power point format.  It is supported by an excel file complete with energy data and government economic statistics. Printed copies of this discussion paper were sent to President-Elect Noynoy Aquino and Sec. Butch Abad about a month ago during the canvass of the presidential and national elections held last May 2010. It is my fervent wish that the problem identification, analysis, findings & conclusions, alternative solutions and recommendations will be looked into by the new cabinet and President Noynoy so that an intelligent discussion may be held in this proposed conference on Energy & Climate Change to be held at the ADB this end of July 2010 would be meaningful and an action plan would be drawn up by the participants for transmittal and endorsement to the new administration of President Noynoy Aquino.  A program schedule is being prepared together with the topics and suggested speakers. Interested speakers and participants may email me for an advanced copy of the proposed program. Cheers. Marcial Ocampo)


  • •Your Presidency for the next 6 years is a new dawn and a great beginning in our country’s journey of change – seize the moment
  • •You need to understand the problems facing the country – climate change, energy and food security, and pricing
  • •You need to implement doable programs and lay down framework for continuity beyond your term – deliverables
  • •You need to present your action plans and implement them – with full transparency
  • •You will save the country from a “Greek Tragedy” – when you promote predictable revenues, reduce tax leakages and utilize resources efficiently (reduce corruption) to deliver your promises (food, education, health, security, infrastructure) More »

Marcial Ocampo – Energy Technology Expert – CV and Company Profile

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Name :       MARCIAL T. OCAMPO




Elementary :         Dologon Laboratory School

Musuan, Bukidnon

1958 – 1964


High School :         San Sebastian College

Claro M. Recto, Manila

1964 – 1968


College :          B. S. Chemical Engineering

University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

1968 – 1973

2nd Place (87.75%) – Chemical Engineering Board Exam, 1973

Post Graduate :         M. S. Chemical Engineering

 University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Thesis: “The Assimilative Capacity of Some Rivers in the                        Philippines, an LP Model”

1974 – 1978

M. S. Combustion and Energy

 University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Thesis: “The Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Methanol-Fueled Spark Ignition Engine”

1979-1980 More »

A father’s letter to his children – encouraging to dream and succeed in life

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A father’s letter to his children – encouraging to dream and succeed in life

Dear Mark, Eric, Patrick, Francis & Catherine,

Your daddy and mommy is pleased to inform you that through our constant prayers and help and encouragement of everyone, your daddy was able to close two business deals today.

A few days ago, a Professor from an African university ordered two large scale project finance models for simple cycle gas turbine (GT) and combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) from me at a considerable discount plus my highly popular levelized cost of energy model and supporting database.  The distinguished professor will use the two models to illustrate the applicability of the two competing technologies in specific application to his graduate students in his famous university. More »

Urgent request for assistance and support

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Urgent request for assistance and support

On behalf of my countrymen from the Philippines, I would like to send this urgent appeal for support and assistance to the numerous victims of flood brought about by the incessant rains of the two super typhoons.  They need financial support, food, clothing, shelter and infrastructure reconstruction as earthen dikes, levees, bridges, roads, dwellings, agricultural crops and lands have been severely damaged or destroyed.  Please contact the author below on how to course your donation and support.

Likewise, the author of this blog is requesting for your continued assistance and support in order to keep the energy technology blog featuring the various power generation technologies as to its principle, overnight capital cost, commercial capacity range, availability, reliability, load factor, capacity factor, efficiency or plant heat rate, fuel cost, construction lead time, economic life, etc. in order to calculate its levelized cost of energy with the end objective of comparing technologies in order to decide which one to select as to the most cost effective solution to the energy supply problem. More »

Thanks to the visitors of my energy technology and pricing blog – my global audience and expertise

Thanks to the visitors of my energy technology and pricing blog – my global audience and expertise

Since the start of my blog, a number of readers throughout the world have visited my blog.  As an author and blogger, I am deeply honored and very happy with the response and continued interest.

Your support will surely be appreciated as it gives me greater hope that by sharing my expertise and experience, I would be able to foster greater understanding on the various market, technical, environmental, social, economic and financial aspects of providing energy to support global economic growth.

It is only with sustainable and cost-effective provision of energy such as electricity, process heat and space cooling/heating and lighting that both developed and developing economies will continue to provide the growth needed keep the global economy at pace with population growth, otherwise, poverty and underdevelopment will continue.

Again, cheers to our readers worldwide. To those who donated and ordered my spreadsheets on cost of power generation technologies, levelized cost of energy and electricity, simple gas turbine, clean coal technology, etc, a million thanks for supporting your energy technology expert.

Thanks also to a leading energy and exploration company for engaging my services in preparing the market, technical, economic and financial model and feasibility study for a lignite coal-fired CFB and a natural gas-fired CCGT power plants. More »

Energy Technology Expert – my expertise and services

Where to Get Assistance for Energy & Electricity Investment Opportunities in the Philippines

Marcial Ocampo provides a blog on issues and concerns regarding current and future fuel cycles and power generation technologies as they affect the environment, fuel supplies and power generation capacities, efficiency of utilization of fuel or energy resource, pollution & greenhouse gas emissions, and cost of power (overnight capital cost $/kW) and energy (levelized $/kWh).

He provides market, technical and economic feasibility studies and prepares project finance models for determining asset value (bid price), levelized price of energy or electricity, or equity returns (DCF IRR).

He is also familiar with investment opportunities in the Philippine energy and electricity sector (Philippine Energy Plan, Power Development Plan) and the regulatory framework (EPIRA and RE laws,  implementing rules and regulations, Distribution Code, Grid Code) for purchasing a power plant from PSALM/NPC or for putting up a new power plant (conventional, fossil or renewable).

He can guide you in securing incentives under the latest Philippine Renewable Energy (RE) law and its implementing rules and regulations (IRR).

In addition, he could guide you in securing the needed endorsement from the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE), permits and licenses from the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and other government agencies (DTI, SEC, BIR, DENR, EMB, NWRB, PNRI, DOLE, NTC, BOC, PPA, ATO, PDEA, BOI, NCIP and LGUs) in order that the facility is duly licensed to operate as a power generation facility with an electricity tariff that is the “best new entrant” for the given location and application in order to balance the need of the customers for affordable electricity and the need of the investor to meet its investment return criteria.

Should you need assistance in preparing a project finance model and a feasibility study (market, technical, economic, financial) using Philippine oil, energy and electricity data, please don’t hesitate to contact Marcial.

email:   and

tel/fax: (632)-932-5530 More »

Fuel & Energy Technology Expert is Here

Fuel & Energy Technology Expert is Here

Marcial Ocampo, your favorite energy technology expert, is here to provide you latest information on:

1) energy and oil prices (international and domestic pump price calculation)

2) renewable energy and non-renewable energy and electricity

3) cost of power generation – capital and O&M cost

4) levelized cost of energy and electricity

5) Philippine energy and electricity demand and supply

6) project finance and financial modeling

7) power plant efficiency and performance

8) project feasibility studies for biofuels and power plant (market, technical, economic and financial)

Examples of Power Generation Technologies in commercial use are as follows:

Oil – Gas Thermal

Reciprocating / Piston Engine:

Small or High-Speed
Medium Speed
Large or Slow Speed
Combined Cycle – Waste Heat Boiler

Natural Gas – Simple GT:

Aero-Derivative GT
With Recuperation
Humid Air Turbine (HAT)
Cascaded Humid Air Turbine (CHAT)
Heavy Frame GT

Natural Gas – Combined Cycle GT


Pulverized Coal PC
Atmospheric CFB
Pressurized FBC
Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle IGCC
Integrated Gasification Humid Air Turbine IGHAT
Direct Coal-Fired Combined Cycle DCCC
Supercritical & Ultra-Supercritical Coal Comb.

Nuclear Fission:

Boiling Water Reactor (BWR), advanced
Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR)
Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR)
Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor (AGR):
– Candu Reactor
High Temp. Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR)
Gas Turbine Modular Helium Reactor (GT-MHR)
Breeder Reactors

Nuclear Fusion


– Pelton Turbine – 50-6,000 ft head
– Francis Turbine – 10-2,000 ft head
– Propeller Turbine – 10 – 300 ft head:
– Kaplan Turbine
Small / Mini

Energy Storage:

Pumped Hydro
Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) – Huntorf:
– Large CAES
– Small CAES
– Above Ground CAES
Flywheel Systems
Utility Scale Batteries (USB):
– Lead acid
– Advanced
Stored Hydrogen
Superconduction Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES)


Dry Steam (Vapor)
Flashed Steam (Single, Double)
Binary Cycle
Petrothermal (Hot Dry Rock)
Geothermal Preheat
Fossil Superheat


Solar PV:

Crystalline silicon
Thin film – Amorphous Silicon
Thin film – Indium Diselenide
Flat Plate
High Efficiency Multi Junction (IHCPV)

Solar Thermal:
Salt Pond (power + water)

Fuel Cells:

Alkaline (AFC)
Phosphoric Acid (PAFC)
Proton Exchange Membrane  (PEM)
Direct Methanol (DMFC)
Molten Carbonate (MCFC)
Solid Oxide-GT  (SOFC-GT)


Direct Combustion
Co-firing with Coal
Biomass Gasification (BIGCC)
Municipal Waste Treatment

Landfill Gas (40 – 60% CH4)
Anaerobic Digestion Biogas (65% CH4)
Sewage Treatment

Ocean Thermal:

Claude (open cycle)
Controlled Flash Evaporation (open)
Anderson (closed cycle)

Ocean Wave:

Oscillating Water Column (OWC)
Hydraulic Accumulator
High Level Reservoir
Float or Pitching Devices
Wave Surge or Focusing (“tapchan”)

Tidal Power:

Single Pool
Modulated Single Pool w/ Pumped Hydro
Two Pool

Additional technologies provided by readers of this blog:

Waste Heat Recovery: (from Alan Belcher’s comments)

Steam Rankine Cycle (Recycled Energy Development, Inc.)

Organic Rankine Cycle (Ormat Technologies, Inc.)*

Low Temperature Brayton Cycle (Pegasus Energy Project, Inc.)