Start your Energy & Power Generation Consultancy – Buy now your project finance models

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Start your Energy & Power Generation Consultancy – Buy now your
project finance models

Be the best in your energy and power generation consultancy projects.
To-date, your energy technology selection and business development expert has
sold many project finance models for renewable energy such as wind, solar PV,
biomass gasification, biomass cogeneration, biomass direct combustion,
mini-hydro and ocean thermal (OTEC).

A number of clients also purchased project finance models for conventional
and fossil energy resources such as diesel gensets, oil thermal, gas thermal,
coal thermal, clean coal CFB, geothermal, large hydro, natural gas combined
cycle GT, simple cycle GT, nuclear and energy storage technologies. More »

How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt – Get a 3-5 year bank loan

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How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt – Get a 3-5 year bank loan

Yes, your technology expert and business development consultant who is also a personal financial planner and married to a chartered personal financial planner has demonstrated that getting a short term loan of 1.67% per month (20% p.a.) for 3 years is far a better way out of a credit card debt of 3.5% per month interest (42% per year) and 5% minimum payment of amount due. The 5% minimum due is calculated by adding the 3.5% interest due to the outstanding balance. A simulation by the expert has shown that paying the 5% minimum due will only liquidate the date after 20 years (1 / 0.05 = 20 years).

Here is a sample calculation that will prove that consolidating all your credit card debts into a single or split bank loan of lower interest and 3-5 year term is the better choice. More »

Thanks to the visitors of my energy technology and pricing blog – my global audience and expertise

Thanks to the visitors of my energy technology and pricing blog – my global audience and expertise

Since the start of my blog, a number of readers throughout the world have visited my blog.  As an author and blogger, I am deeply honored and very happy with the response and continued interest.

Your support will surely be appreciated as it gives me greater hope that by sharing my expertise and experience, I would be able to foster greater understanding on the various market, technical, environmental, social, economic and financial aspects of providing energy to support global economic growth.

It is only with sustainable and cost-effective provision of energy such as electricity, process heat and space cooling/heating and lighting that both developed and developing economies will continue to provide the growth needed keep the global economy at pace with population growth, otherwise, poverty and underdevelopment will continue.

Again, cheers to our readers worldwide. To those who donated and ordered my spreadsheets on cost of power generation technologies, levelized cost of energy and electricity, simple gas turbine, clean coal technology, etc, a million thanks for supporting your energy technology expert.

Thanks also to a leading energy and exploration company for engaging my services in preparing the market, technical, economic and financial model and feasibility study for a lignite coal-fired CFB and a natural gas-fired CCGT power plants. More »

Energy Technology Expert is also Project Finance and Financial Modeling Expert

Energy Technology Expert is also a Project Finance Modeling Expert.

He will help you provide data to set up your own business model for power plants, manufacturing plants and direct lending or lending investor business.

Here is my resume. More »

Energy Technology Expert – my expertise and services

Where to Get Assistance for Energy & Electricity Investment Opportunities in the Philippines

Marcial Ocampo provides a blog on issues and concerns regarding current and future fuel cycles and power generation technologies as they affect the environment, fuel supplies and power generation capacities, efficiency of utilization of fuel or energy resource, pollution & greenhouse gas emissions, and cost of power (overnight capital cost $/kW) and energy (levelized $/kWh).

He provides market, technical and economic feasibility studies and prepares project finance models for determining asset value (bid price), levelized price of energy or electricity, or equity returns (DCF IRR).

He is also familiar with investment opportunities in the Philippine energy and electricity sector (Philippine Energy Plan, Power Development Plan) and the regulatory framework (EPIRA and RE laws,  implementing rules and regulations, Distribution Code, Grid Code) for purchasing a power plant from PSALM/NPC or for putting up a new power plant (conventional, fossil or renewable).

He can guide you in securing incentives under the latest Philippine Renewable Energy (RE) law and its implementing rules and regulations (IRR).

In addition, he could guide you in securing the needed endorsement from the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE), permits and licenses from the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and other government agencies (DTI, SEC, BIR, DENR, EMB, NWRB, PNRI, DOLE, NTC, BOC, PPA, ATO, PDEA, BOI, NCIP and LGUs) in order that the facility is duly licensed to operate as a power generation facility with an electricity tariff that is the “best new entrant” for the given location and application in order to balance the need of the customers for affordable electricity and the need of the investor to meet its investment return criteria.

Should you need assistance in preparing a project finance model and a feasibility study (market, technical, economic, financial) using Philippine oil, energy and electricity data, please don’t hesitate to contact Marcial.

email:   and

tel/fax: (632)-932-5530 More »

Fuel & Energy Technology Expert is Here

Fuel & Energy Technology Expert is Here

Marcial Ocampo, your favorite energy technology expert, is here to provide you latest information on:

1) energy and oil prices (international and domestic pump price calculation)

2) renewable energy and non-renewable energy and electricity

3) cost of power generation – capital and O&M cost

4) levelized cost of energy and electricity

5) Philippine energy and electricity demand and supply

6) project finance and financial modeling

7) power plant efficiency and performance

8) project feasibility studies for biofuels and power plant (market, technical, economic and financial)

Examples of Power Generation Technologies in commercial use are as follows:

Oil – Gas Thermal

Reciprocating / Piston Engine:

Small or High-Speed
Medium Speed
Large or Slow Speed
Combined Cycle – Waste Heat Boiler

Natural Gas – Simple GT:

Aero-Derivative GT
With Recuperation
Humid Air Turbine (HAT)
Cascaded Humid Air Turbine (CHAT)
Heavy Frame GT

Natural Gas – Combined Cycle GT


Pulverized Coal PC
Atmospheric CFB
Pressurized FBC
Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle IGCC
Integrated Gasification Humid Air Turbine IGHAT
Direct Coal-Fired Combined Cycle DCCC
Supercritical & Ultra-Supercritical Coal Comb.

Nuclear Fission:

Boiling Water Reactor (BWR), advanced
Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR)
Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR)
Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor (AGR):
– Candu Reactor
High Temp. Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR)
Gas Turbine Modular Helium Reactor (GT-MHR)
Breeder Reactors

Nuclear Fusion


– Pelton Turbine – 50-6,000 ft head
– Francis Turbine – 10-2,000 ft head
– Propeller Turbine – 10 – 300 ft head:
– Kaplan Turbine
Small / Mini

Energy Storage:

Pumped Hydro
Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) – Huntorf:
– Large CAES
– Small CAES
– Above Ground CAES
Flywheel Systems
Utility Scale Batteries (USB):
– Lead acid
– Advanced
Stored Hydrogen
Superconduction Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES)


Dry Steam (Vapor)
Flashed Steam (Single, Double)
Binary Cycle
Petrothermal (Hot Dry Rock)
Geothermal Preheat
Fossil Superheat


Solar PV:

Crystalline silicon
Thin film – Amorphous Silicon
Thin film – Indium Diselenide
Flat Plate
High Efficiency Multi Junction (IHCPV)

Solar Thermal:
Salt Pond (power + water)

Fuel Cells:

Alkaline (AFC)
Phosphoric Acid (PAFC)
Proton Exchange Membrane  (PEM)
Direct Methanol (DMFC)
Molten Carbonate (MCFC)
Solid Oxide-GT  (SOFC-GT)


Direct Combustion
Co-firing with Coal
Biomass Gasification (BIGCC)
Municipal Waste Treatment

Landfill Gas (40 – 60% CH4)
Anaerobic Digestion Biogas (65% CH4)
Sewage Treatment

Ocean Thermal:

Claude (open cycle)
Controlled Flash Evaporation (open)
Anderson (closed cycle)

Ocean Wave:

Oscillating Water Column (OWC)
Hydraulic Accumulator
High Level Reservoir
Float or Pitching Devices
Wave Surge or Focusing (“tapchan”)

Tidal Power:

Single Pool
Modulated Single Pool w/ Pumped Hydro
Two Pool

Additional technologies provided by readers of this blog:

Waste Heat Recovery: (from Alan Belcher’s comments)

Steam Rankine Cycle (Recycled Energy Development, Inc.)

Organic Rankine Cycle (Ormat Technologies, Inc.)*

Low Temperature Brayton Cycle (Pegasus Energy Project, Inc.)