History of Power Generation

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  • 1878 – Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison independently invented the carbon filament that produced light from electricity – incandescent lamp.
  • 1879 – Thomas Edison founded the electric company, his greatest achievement – “Edison Electric Light Station”.
  • 1882 – Carl de Laval invented steam turbine that drove electric generators more efficiently than earlier reciprocating steam engines. Coal then oil was used.
  • 1884 – Charles Parsons constructs the first practical steam turbine electric generator to be driven by fuel-burning power plants in the electric power industry.
  • 1895 – Niagara Falls – world’s first large-scale central generating station transmitts power 20 miles away to Buffalo and it employed 2-phase AC techniques of Nikola Tesla.
  • 1905 – Albert Einstein publishes his “Theory of Relativity” and the equation E = m c2, foundation of nuclear power.
  • 1907 – a new material called tungsten was used to replace carbon strips of bamboo as filament in the incandescent lamps

Other inventions that used electricity – electric trams and railways for urban transport, telephone and telegraph, phonograph, radio and television, incandescent and fluorescent lighting, electric motors and electric heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, computers and electronics – accelerated the need for larger and reliable generating plants.

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Generation of Electricity

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Electricity – most sophisticated form of energy in use in the world today
Primary way to meet growing demand – build power plants or repower old plants to raise capacity

Electricity is the flow of electrons (current) when an energy potential (voltage) is applied.

Generation of Electricity

  • How is electricity generated?
  • Three types of materials
  • How does an electric field look?
  • Electric energy potential
  • Electric potential & current
  • Right hand rule
  • Electromotive force emf
  • Electric motors
  • Principle of electric generator
  • How is mechanical energy produced?

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