The Ultimate Personal Financial Planning Tool (Excel Model) for Simulating Debt Consolidation

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The Ultimate Personal Financial Planning Tool (Excel Model) for Simulating Debt Consolidation

If you need financial advice, are in great debt (credit card, bank loans, personal debt), my wife “Bokbok Ocampo” can help you.

She has an excellent financial model for testing your best debt reduction and debt exit strategy – increase income, reduce expenses, simplify lifestyle, sell assets to pay-off debt, extend your loan with lower interest from your lender to match your income with your reduced amortization, take a loan from a friendly bank with lower interest and longer repayment terms to pay-off your expensive credit card debt and bank loan, etc.

The spreadsheet will allow you to enter all your incomes, expenses, assets, debts, depreciation schedule, amortization schedule, to summarize your income & expense statement, estimate income tax, net income after tax, cash flow and balance sheet. It will show how you gradually increase income, reduce expenses, lower your outstanding balances, and have more cash flows which you could invest to augment your income and pay-off further your debts.

She can also present a retirement plan and a personal financial plan that includes mitigating risks from debilitating illness and premature demise. Don’t wait till your too old to do something to ensure a comfortable retirement, so you may serve our Divine Master longer and with greater service.

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How to run my state-of-the-art personal financial planner (also business model planner)

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How to run my state-of-the-art personal financial planner (also business model planner)

Yes again, your energy technology and financial planning expert has done it again.

I am launching my top-of-the-line financial planner. It is used in creating your beginning balance sheet, then as you operate your company, forecast the income streams as well as expense streams to arrive at the ending balance sheet.

If there is a need to re-structure short-term and credit-card debt of high interest with longer-term debt of lower interest rate and longer repayment period, this financial model will help you decide the level of borrowing, or given your proposed longer-term borrowing, the model will provide the ending cash position (which is a balancing number and could be solved easily using the excel function “goal seek” which adjusts the cash position so that the variance between assets vs liabilities and equity is zero). More »

How to Get Out of Debt Quickly and Permanently – prepare a personal financial plan

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How to Get Out of Debt Quickly and Permanently – prepare a personal financial plan

Your energy technology expert also would like to share with you his experience in assisting his clients to get out of debt by preparing their personal financial plan.  He studied the techniques and prepared a plan for their family.  The executive summary is shown below.  Should you wish to get out of debt also, please email him for a proposal to prepare your own personal financial plan.





Charles & Diana Family

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