World Energy Technology Series 1 – BIOMASS ENERGY AND POWER

October 7th, 2009 No Comments   Posted in biomass energy and power

World Energy Technology Series 1 – BIOMASS ENERGY AND POWER

Your energy technology and pricing expert is launching his World Energy Technology Series with this maiden issue #1 on Biomass Energy and Power.  This series will focus on energy technologies (fossil, renewable, nuclear, storage) by giving information on the energy resource, basic principles, energy conversion technology, overnight capital cost ($/kW), operating and maintenace costs (fixed O&M $/kW/yr, variable O&M $/kWh), maintenance and overhaul schedule (to determine capacity factor and availability), outage rate and reliability, construction lead time, economic life, conversion efficiency (input energy to output power or heat or cooling), fuel heating value (gross and net BTU/lb, kJ/kg, BTU/scf, kJ/Nm3, BTU/gal, kJ/liter), fuel cost ($/MT, $/kg, $/bbl, $/liter, $/MMBTU, $/GJ) in order to arrive at its levelized price and levelized generation cost of energy.  The benefits and risks of each technology is also presented. I encourage the reader to follow this series.

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Biomass Energy

The file (322 KB) will cover the following topics:

“Biomass” means any plant-derived organic matter available on a renewable basis, including dedicated energy crops and trees, agricultural food and feed crops, agricultural crop wastes and residues, wood wastes and residues, aquatic plants, animal wastes and municipal wastes. Biomass is stored solar energy.

Topics – Biomass Energy

  • What is Biomass?
  • Biomass Resources
  • Biomass Technologies (Bio-Power, Bio-Fuels)
  • Examples of Bio-Fuels & Biomass Technologies
  • Global Carbon Cycle
  • Bio-Power Technologies (Direct Combustion, Co-firing, Pyrolysis, Anaerobic Digestion, CHP)
  • Cost of Biomass Fuel, Liquid Bio-Fuels & Power
  • Benefits from Biomass & Wastes
  • Environmental Impact & Risks

Price: 60 USD