Mini-Hydro Model with CDM

October 11th, 2013 1 Comment   Posted in mini hydro

Mini-Hydro Model with CDM

Here is a sample of a project finance model for a mini-hydro power plant using the Clean Development Mechanism principles, i.e. no escalation, no taxes and government imposts and around 15% p.a. return on investment, and 100% owners’ equity only (no leveraging with cheap debt).

The CDM analyses the economics purely on the technical and economic performance of the technology (capacity, reliability, availability, efficiency, capital cost, and operating & maintenance costs). More »

Small-Scale Project Finance Models

Small-Scale Project Finance Models:

  1. Diesel Genset Power Plant – 600 US$

  2. Biomass Power Plant – 800 US$

  3. Cogen Power Plant – 1,000 US$

  4. Hydro (Micro, Mini) Power Plant – 1,200 US$

  5. Solar PV Power Plant – 1,800 US$

  6. Wind Power Plant – 2,400 US$

  7. Biomass Gassifaction Power Plant / Anaerobic Digestion – 3,000 US$

  8. Hybrid Power Plant (Diesel, Biomass, Solar, Wind, Micro-Hydro) – 1,000 US$