Template for Levelized Cost of Energy, Project Finance Model and Power Plant Emission Calculation

November 30th, 2010 7 Comments   Posted in project finance models

Template for Levelized Cost of Energy, Project Finance Model and Power Plant Emission Calculation

This December 2010, your energy technology selection and business development consultant/expert is providing his avid readers and fans a very good bargain.

Marcial is going to offer low cost templates for various power generation technologies to determine electricity tariff and for renewable energy the feed-in tariff.

He will also offer power plant emission calculation models which the user may modify given the actual fuel properties and chemical analysis.

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How to develop your own project finance model

How to develop your own project finance model

In simplest terms, a project finance model is a business plan written in some sort of a spreadsheet implemented in software (e.g. MS Excel).

It is prepared primarily to assist a potential investor like you to assess numerous business alternatives that you might want to venture into — and decide which alternative would meet your investment objectives – capital requirement, payback, profitability or internal rate of return, cash flows and risks profile.

By preparing in advance a financial model and doing simple to complicated sensitivity tests, the potential investor is forewarned of any potential problems in advance so that mitigation measures are put in place to address such potential risks and problems.

It consists of the following worksheets (or tabs):

1) Assumption or Input worksheet

2) Capital Cost Estimation Worksheet

3) Project Schedule or Drawdown Worksheet

4) Total Project Cost Summary Worksheet (equipment, taxes, installation, land, working capital, capitalized expenses, capitalized interest during construction)

5) Loan Amortization Worksheet (interest, principal repayment)

6) Depreciation Worksheet (beginning balance, depreciation, ending balance)

7) Working Capital Worksheet (receivables, payables, stocks, training, mobilization)

8) Income & Expense Statement Worksheet

9) Balance Sheet Worksheet

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Energy Technology Expert is also Project Finance and Financial Modeling Expert

Energy Technology Expert is also a Project Finance Modeling Expert.

He will help you provide data to set up your own business model for power plants, manufacturing plants and direct lending or lending investor business.

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