Project Finance Models on Sale (50% off) this October 2016

October 23rd, 2016 Posted in cost of power generation

Project Finance Models on Sale (50% off) this October 2016


Hurry and avail of the sale (50% off) of project finance models based on a single template for determining the technical, economic and financial viability of various power generation technologies such as renewable (solar PV and solar CSP farms, on-shore and off-shore wind turbine farms, biomass cogeneration, biomass direct combustion, biomass gasification, biomass IGCC, waste-to-energy, run-of-river or mini-hydro and ocean thermal energy conversion OTEC), conventional (large hydro, pumped hydro, geothermal), fossil (oil genset, oil thermal, natural gas thermal, natural gas and oil fired combined cycle gas turbine CCGT, natural gas and oil fired open cycle gas turbine OCGT), nuclear, combined heat and power CHP and waste heat recovery systems (gasoline engine & waste heat recovery boiler, diesel engine & waste heat recovery boiler, biogas or LPG or natural gas turbine & waste heat recovery boiler).


Sample Project Finance Model

Here is a sample project finance model for a biomass thermal power plant that can be customized for your specific need: (Advanced regulator model)


The same model above is also presented in just one worksheet (tab) so you would be able to understand better the structure of a project finance model: (OMT Energy Enterprises model)


A sample non-thermal power plant (no fuel GHV and no fuel cost) can also be downloaded:


A sample liquid fossil thermal power plant (with fuel GHV, fuel density and fuel cost) is also available:


Email me if you need customization:

You may order on-line any project finance model of any renewable, conventional, fossil, nuclear, combined heat and power, and energy storage power generation technologies by visiting this website:

Or please visit this blog for any power generation technology article:


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