Get Your Energy Technology Articles the Easy Way – Shopping Cart

June 19th, 2012 Posted in energy technology expert

Get Your Energy Technology Articles the Easy Way – Shopping Cart

You can now order on-line your energy technology articles the easy way – via the Shopping Cart.

Once you have decided to purchase, proceed to order via the shopping cart and pay thru PayPal thru your bank account or your credit card and download immediately the models.

You can  contact me thru Skype or Yahoo Messenger or Telephone:

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Here are the links to my Shopping Cart (select, pay, download):



Main   Menu for Technology Presentation
Advanced   Coal.ppt
Advanced   Energy Storage.ppt
Biomass   Energy.ppt
Combined   Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT).ppt
Combined   Heat and Power (Cogeneration).ppt
Commercially   Available Fuel Cycle Technologies.ppt
Cost   of power generation technologies.xls
Fuel   Cells.ppt
Fuel   Properties.ppt
Generation   of Electricity.ppt
Geothermal   Energy.ppt
History   of Power Generation.ppt
Hydro   Power.ppt
Hydrogen   Energy.ppt
Levelized   Cost of New Electricity Generation.ppt
Long   Term Energy Sources.ppt
Near   Term Energy Sources.ppt
Nuclear   Energy.ppt
Ocean   Energy.ppt
Oil   Price Calculation Model.xls
Oil   Thermal.ppt
Piston   Engine.ppt
Primary   Energy Sources.ppt
Pulverized   Coal.ppt
Renewable   Energy Sources.ppt
Simple   Gas Turbine (GT).ppt
Solar   Energy.ppt
Storage   Technologies.ppt
Technology   Roadmap.ppt
What   is Electricity.ppt
Wind   Energy.ppt



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