A father’s letter to his children – encouraging to dream and succeed in life

November 6th, 2009 Posted in energy technology expert

A father’s letter to his children – encouraging to dream and succeed in life

Dear Mark, Eric, Patrick, Francis & Catherine,

Your daddy and mommy is pleased to inform you that through our constant prayers and help and encouragement of everyone, your daddy was able to close two business deals today.

A few days ago, a Professor from an African university ordered two large scale project finance models for simple cycle gas turbine (GT) and combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) from me at a considerable discount plus my highly popular levelized cost of energy model and supporting database.  The distinguished professor will use the two models to illustrate the applicability of the two competing technologies in specific application to his graduate students in his famous university.

I believe that Africa will be the next socio-economic development frontier in the world.  It needs to leverage its talent and knowledge pool with the economic and financial support of the industrialized west and emerging Asian economies.  By way of providing this state-of-the-art project finance models, a pool of super-talented thinkers – engineers and economists – will emerge from this Professor’s advance program for his graduate students.

As developer of these two advanced models, I certainly would wish to be a part of the Professor’s dream for an empowered Africa – capable of using its talent pool to harness its vast energy resources – oil & gas and immense renewable energy resource – biomass, solar, wind, micro & mini hydro, large hydro and fossil coal coal.  I put aside the cost and intellectual property rights issues for the greater good of our brothers and sisters in the African continent.

After discussing it with mommy, we agreed to accept the order.  At that time of his order, my model was not anymore based on the original specs found in my blog with separate worksheets for inputs, reports, capex, depreciation, loan, etc., but rather just a top-to-bottom model that is easy to update and navigate. It only has three worksheets: a main sheet which serves as inputs and does all the modeling calculations, report sheet that presents the income statement, balance sheet and cash flows, and graphic sheet that shows the important economic parameters suchs as revenue, expenses, debt service and cash flow over the life of the project.

For more details, please follow the link:

Contents of the model (specs):

1) Input (Assumption) Sheet

2) Report (Summary) Sheet

3) Project Cost Sheet (equipment cost, ocean freight, insurance, taxes & duties, brokerage & local shipping, erection & installation, land & right-of-way, project development & contract management, initial stocks & inventories, manpower mobilization & training, working capital, interest during construction, other capitalized expenses)

4) Construction Sheet (construction schedule, equity/loan drawdown, interest during construction)

5) Model Sheet (escalation of items, starting costs, capacity & degradation, heat rate & efficiency degradation, maintenance & overhaul scheduel, available hours, gross generation, plant use & net generation, transmission/distribution line constraints & losses, net electricity sales, revenue items, expense items, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, project & equity IRR, project & equity payback, debt service cover ratio)

6) Depreciation Sheet (evolution of balance sheet accounts, working capital)

7) Loan Amortization Table (interest & principal repayment)

I was able to convince my Professor client by copy pasting a few columns and complete rows of the model into the email in HTML format, and the unexpected happened – the client found my new format satisfactory!

The key here is to guide my client identify his exact needs and ensuring that it contains all the needs of the client.  It made my work easier.  So I kept on improving the two models while awaiting receipt of payment thru telegraphic transfer since there is no PayPal.

I also was given a verbal notice to proceed with a foreign engineering  & construction company doing a hydro power project in Luzon, Philippines.  I will assist the client in registering the hydro project with the Department of Energy (DOE) and secure a firm market (Memorandum of Agreement instead of a Power Purchase Agreement) from a distribution utility.  This is a great challenge for me but I know with your help and encouragement, I will succeed in this new endeavor of mine.

Let’s keep on praying and dreaming that more projects will come my way and that my blog will get more noticed and result in more orders for my state-of-the-art project finance models and technology briefs for conventional (oil and coal thermal, diesel, simple and combined cycle gas turbines, pulverized coal, geothermal), advanced clean technologies (circulating fluidized bed, gasification), renewable (biomass, solar, wind, micro & mini hydro), etc.

I also encourage everyone to be on the lookout for opportunities in your own little way and use your talents to nurture them into commercial scale.  Keep on working, dreaming, planning, executing, marketing, following-up and praying at the same time that the Lord will bless your work.

Nothing is impossible with Hard Work and Grace of the Almighty One.

Love you all,

Daddy & Mommy


Plese see the two project finance models and see how you could apply the principles in your little businesses.  Daddy

Marcial T. Ocampo


Marcial Ocampo is here to provide you latest information on:

1) Energy and oil prices (international and domestic pump price calculation)

2) Renewable energy and non-renewable energy and electricity

3) Cost of power generation – capital and O&M cost of each technology

4) Levelized cost of energy and electricity by technology

5) Philippine and world energy and electricity demand and supply

6) Project finance and financial modeling

7) Power plant efficiency and performance modeling (overhaul schedule and availability)

8) Project feasibility studies for biofuels and power plants (market, technical, economic and financial)

Examples of Power Generation Technologies in commercial use are as follows:

Oil – Gas Thermal

Reciprocating / Piston Engine:

Small or High-Speed
Medium Speed
Large or Slow Speed
Combined Cycle – Waste Heat Boiler

Natural Gas – Simple GT:

Aero-Derivative GT
With Recuperation
Humid Air Turbine (HAT)
Cascaded Humid Air Turbine (CHAT)
Heavy Frame GT

Natural Gas – Combined Cycle GT


Pulverized Coal PC
Atmospheric CFB
Pressurized FBC
Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle IGCC
Integrated Gasification Humid Air Turbine IGHAT
Direct Coal-Fired Combined Cycle DCCC
Supercritical & Ultra-Supercritical Coal Comb.

Nuclear Fission:

Boiling Water Reactor (BWR), advanced
Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR)
Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR)
Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor (AGR):
– Candu Reactor
High Temp. Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR)
Gas Turbine Modular Helium Reactor (GT-MHR)
Breeder Reactors

Nuclear Fusion


– Pelton Turbine – 50-6,000 ft head
– Francis Turbine – 10-2,000 ft head
– Propeller Turbine – 10 – 300 ft head:
– Kaplan Turbine
Small / Mini

Energy Storage:

Pumped Hydro
Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) – Huntorf:
– Large CAES
– Small CAES
– Above Ground CAES
Flywheel Systems
Utility Scale Batteries (USB):
– Lead acid
– Advanced
Stored Hydrogen
Superconduction Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES)


Dry Steam (Vapor)
Flashed Steam (Single, Double)
Binary Cycle
Petrothermal (Hot Dry Rock)
Geothermal Preheat
Fossil Superheat


Solar PV:

Crystalline silicon
Thin film – Amorphous Silicon
Thin film – Indium Diselenide
Flat Plate
High Efficiency Multi Junction (IHCPV)

Solar Thermal:
Salt Pond (power + water)

Fuel Cells:

Alkaline (AFC)
Phosphoric Acid (PAFC)
Proton Exchange Membrane  (PEM)
Direct Methanol (DMFC)
Molten Carbonate (MCFC)
Solid Oxide-GT  (SOFC-GT)


Direct Combustion
Co-firing with Coal
Biomass Gasification (BIGCC)
Municipal Waste Treatment

Landfill Gas (40 – 60% CH4)
Anaerobic Digestion Biogas (65% CH4)
Sewage Treatment

Ocean Thermal:

Claude (open cycle)
Controlled Flash Evaporation (open)
Anderson (closed cycle)

Ocean Wave:

Oscillating Water Column (OWC)
Hydraulic Accumulator
High Level Reservoir
Float or Pitching Devices
Wave Surge or Focusing (”tapchan”)

Tidal Power:

Single Pool
Modulated Single Pool w/ Pumped Hydro
Two Pool

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