Energy Technology Articles and Project Finance Models

December 16th, 2010 Posted in energy technology expert

 Energy Technology Articles and Project Finance Models

 This Christmas, give your self the greatest gift – the energy technology selection articles and project finance models for conventional, nuclear, storage and renewable energy technologies.

Jump start your career in energy and power generation consultancy and use the best models that will support your project feasibility studies.

Get your models from a leading expert in the preparation of energy and power plant feasibility studies.

To order, please email the expert for payment details and how to receive the articles and models.


Marcial Ocampo


Coal 1.03 $1,030  
Advanced Energy Storage  1.48 $1,480  
Biomass Energy  0.322 $322  
Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) 4.26 $4,260  
Combined Heat & Power 0.313 $313  
Cost of Power Generation Technologies 0.129 $129  
Fuel Cells 0.566 $566  
Fuel Properties 0.22 $220  
Generation of Electricity 3.219 $3,219  
Geothermal Energy 0.689 $689  
History of Power Generation 0.549 $549  
Hydro Power 0.663 $663  
Hydrogen Energy 0.091 $91  
Levelized cost of energy 0.14 $140  
Long-Term Energy Sources 0.373 $373  
Near-Term Energy Sources 0.576 $576  
Nuclear Energy 0.781 $781  
Ocean Energy 0.657 $657  
Oil Thermal 1.21 $1,210  
Piston Engines 0.138 $138  
Primary Energy Sources 0.294 $294  
Pulverized Coal 1.59 $1,590  
Renewable Energy Sources 0.069 $69  
Simple Gas Turbine (GT) 0.525 $525  
Solar Energy 0.871 $871  
Energy Storage Technologies 0.806 $806  
Energy Technology Road Map 0.193 $193  
Wind Energy 0.697 $697  
Power Plant Emission Data and Model:      
Solid Fuel, Liquid Fuel, Gaseous Fuel Properties 0.225 $225  
Power Plant Emission Calculation Model 0.177 $177  
Project Finance Models:   $402  
Diesel Genset Power Plant   $300  
Biomass Power Plant   $600  
Cogen Power Plant   $900  
Hydro (Micro, Mini) Power Plant   $1,200  
Solar PV Power Plant   $1,800  
Wind Power Plant   $2,400  
Biomass Gasification Power Plant   $3,000  
Ocean Thermal Power Plant   $4,000  
Hybrid Power Plant (Diesel, Biomass, Solar, Wind, Micro-Hydro)     customized
Oil Thermal Power Plant     customized
Pulverized Thermal Power Plant     customized
Advance Coal Thermal Power Plant     customized
Geothermal Power Plant     customized
Simple Gas Turbine Power Plant     customized
Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant     customized
Energy Storage Power Plant     customized
Solar Thermal Power Plant     customized
Fuel Cells Power Plant     customized
Ocean Wave Power Plant     customized
Tidal Power Plant     customized
Nuclear Power Plant     customized



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