Urgent request for assistance and support

October 16th, 2009 Posted in energy technology expert

Urgent request for assistance and support

On behalf of my countrymen from the Philippines, I would like to send this urgent appeal for support and assistance to the numerous victims of flood brought about by the incessant rains of the two super typhoons.  They need financial support, food, clothing, shelter and infrastructure reconstruction as earthen dikes, levees, bridges, roads, dwellings, agricultural crops and lands have been severely damaged or destroyed.  Please contact the author below on how to course your donation and support.

Likewise, the author of this blog is requesting for your continued assistance and support in order to keep the energy technology blog featuring the various power generation technologies as to its principle, overnight capital cost, commercial capacity range, availability, reliability, load factor, capacity factor, efficiency or plant heat rate, fuel cost, construction lead time, economic life, etc. in order to calculate its levelized cost of energy with the end objective of comparing technologies in order to decide which one to select as to the most cost effective solution to the energy supply problem.

You may place your regular donation by hitting the DONATE button and also invite your friends and companies that may have use of the information and conclusions or recommendations contained in the various articles in this blog.

In particular, your country or location has now been greatly benefited from my thesis on “How to predict early safe release of dam water – the key to minimizing flooding” as your weather bureau and dam operators now exercise great care and coordination in doing pre-emptive discharge of anticipated volume of water that may be released on the catchment basin by the incoming storm.  Surely, you may want to share your benefits and blessings with the author of the article.

If you need assistance in preparing power plant operation and project finance models or need an expert prepare in the shortest possible time a feasibility study (market, technical, environmental, economic and financial), please contact the author.

Or if you have need for a permanent expert in your company either on a retainer or fixed employment basis, the author is willing to consider it.  For more information, you may view my resume using the link below:

Hope to hear from you soon.

Marcial T. Ocampo

Energy Technology & Pricing Expert

Business Development Consultant

tel: 63-2-931-3713

fax: 63-2-932-5530

mobile: 63-915-606-7949; 63-922-866-9598



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