Project Finance Models – Model Structure

July 31st, 2012 Posted in financial models

Project Finance Models – Model Structure

Don’t waste time developing your model from scratch.

Purchase now our state-of-the-art project finance models for both conventional, fossil, nuclear and renewable energy power generation technologies.




Generation model (capacity, capacity factor, generation)

Plant heat rate and fuel consumption model

Fuel cost model

Lube oil & grease consumption model


Less: Expenses

Variable (fuel cost, lubes, chemicals, utilities, DOE 1-94)

Fixed (maintenance, personnel, lease, other services)

Debt service reserve fund (DSRF) monitoring expense

Gross Margin


Depreciation & amortization

Loan interest

Net profit before tax


Corporate income tax

Net profit after income tax

Add Back:

Depreciation & amortization

Working capital (at end of project)

Salvage value (at end of project)

DSRF interest income


Loan principal repayment

Profit sharing

Social benefit fund to host community


Carbon emission reduction (CER) credits net of monitoring cost by CDM EB

Net Cash Flow


Total Investment (project cost x 100% equity)

Project Cash Flow

Calculate Project IRR (% p.a.)

Calculate Project NPV ($)

Calculate Project Payback (years)

Net Cash Flow


Equity Investment (project cost x 30% equity)

Equity Cash Flow

Calculate Equity IRR (% p.a.)

Calculate Equity NPV ($)

Calculate Equity Payback (years)

Calculation of cash flow for debt service

Calculation of debt service cover ratio

Calculation of dividends payable (free cash flow)

Calculation of free cash flow IRR, NPV and payback

Balance Sheet Accounts:

Loan Amortization Table (70% debt)

Depreciation Table (FA, CE, WC, IDC)

Cash needed for operations




Total Investment (project cost):

Land Cost (LC):

Installed Equipment Cost (PPE):


Customs Duty on CIF

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Local Freight

Installation Cost

Balance of Plant (BOP):

Power Plant Control System

Power Plant Building

Civil Works

Condenser Cooling System

Substation, Transformers & Transmission Line System

Fixed Assets (FA): depreciable

Total EPC (PPE, BOP)

EPC Contingency

Documentary Stamps (DS) – for EPC Contract

Capitalized Expenses (CE): depreciable

Project Development Costs (consultants, financial modeler)

Other Costs, Txes and Contingencie

Carbon Emission Reduction (CER) Registration & Consultancy

Working Capital (WC): depreciable

Fuel Costs


Chemicals & Materials

Utilities (electricity, water)

DOE 1-94 (government impost per kWh)

Maintenance of installation

Personnel expenses

Land Lease

Other Services (janitorial, security,transport)

Interest During Construction (IDC): depreciable

Legal fees (contracts)

Loan arranger fees (investment banker, financial modeler)

Commitment fees (bank for undrawn funds)

Interest during construction (bank for drawn funds)

Total Investment (project cost) = LC + FA + CE + WC + IDC

Debt Service Calculation (principal, interest, balance)

Debt Service Reserve Fund (6 months worth of principal and interest)

Balance Sheet before and after Dividends Payment (assets, liabilities, equity)

Calculation of Dividends Payable and by shareholder

Cash Flow Statement (operations, investment, financing, cash flow, balance)

Levelized Price and Generation Cost Breakdown (discounted)

Financial Ratios (current, quick, turnover, return on assets, return on equity)

2) CDM (kg CO2 per kWh gross generation by type of fuel)

3) NREL (levelized cost of energy using US NREL formula)

4) GRAPHIC (gross margin, net profit after tax, cash flow for debt service, debt service vs time)

5) FINANCIAL (bank proforma income statement, balance sheet and cash flow)

6) TOU Rate (week days, week ends) per hour

7) Tariff Rates (peak and off-peak) per day


Please click the links below to order, pay and download the models using PayPal.

If you don’t have PayPal, kindly email me your order and I will email you back my local bank account so that when I get confirmation of bank/wire transfer, I will then email you the model you ordered.

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Cost of Power Generation Technologies.xls $129
Levelized cost of electricity.xls $153
Latest Feed-in-Tariff Rates for Renewable Energy   Technologies.doc $47
Wind Turbine Price List.xls $605
Power Plant Emission Data and   Model:
Power Plant Emission Calculation Model by mass.xls $126
Power Plant Emission Calculation Model by   concentration.xls $200
CDM Feed-in-Tariff Models for   Renewable Energy (Clean Development Mechanism & Regulator Edition)
CDM Biomass Cogeneration Model.xls $1,800
CDM Biomass Direct Combustion Model.xls $1,800
CDM Biomass Gasification Model.xls $1,800
CDM Mini-Hydro Model.xls $1,800
CDM Ocean Thermal Model_10 MW.xls $1,800
CDM Ocean Thermal Model_50 MW.xls $1,800
CDM Solar PV Model.xls $1,800
CDM Wind Model.xls $1,800
ADVANCED Feed-in-Tariff Models for   Renewable Energy (Regulator Edition)
ADV Biomass Cogeneration Model.xls $1,400
ADV Biomass Direct Combustion Model.xls $1,400
ADV Biomass Gasification Model.xls $1,400
ADV Mini-Hydro Model.xls $1,400
ADV Ocean Thermal Model_10 MW.xls $1,400
ADV Ocean Thermal Model_50 MW.xls $1,400
ADV Solar PV Model.xls $1,400
ADV Wind Model.xls $1,400
ADV Solar   PV-Diesel Hybrid Model.xls $2,000
ADV Wind-Diesel   Hybrid Model.xls $2,000
MTO Feed-in-Tariff Models for   Renewable Energy (Professional Edition)
MTO Fit_biomass cogeneration.xls $1,200
MTO Fit_biomass direct combustion.xls $1,200
MTO Fit_biomass gasification.xls $1,200
MTO Fit_Mini Hydro.xls $1,200
MTO Fit_ocean thermal_10 MW.xls $1,200
MTO Fit_ocean thermal_50 MW.xls $1,200
MTO Fit_solar PV.xls $1,200
MTO Fit_wind.xls $1,200
Simplified Feed-in-Tariff Models   for Renewable Energy (Student Edition)
Simplified Fit_biomass anaerobic digestion.xls $600
Simplified Fit_biomass cogeneration.xls $600
Simplified Fit_biomass gasification.xls $600
Simplified Fit_biomass direct combustion.xls $600
Simplified Fit_Mini Hydro.xls $600
Simplified Fit_ocean thermal_10 MW.xls $600
Simplified Fit_ocean thermal_50 MW.xls $600
Simplified Fit_solar PV.xls $600
Simplified Fit_wind.xls $600
Renewable Energy Resource   Assessment Model
Wind Energy Resource Assessment Tool_Anemometer   Measurement $1,000
Wind Energy Resource Assessment Tool_3TIER Prediction $1,000
MTO Project Finance Models:
proj_diesel genset power plant model.xls $300
proj_hybrid power plant model (diesel, biomass,   mini-hydro, solar, wind).xls $1,300
proj_oil thermal power plant model.xls $1,000
proj_coal thermal power plant model (pulverized, CFB,   IGCC).xls $2,000
proj_geothermal power plant model.xls $2,000
proj_simple cycle GT plant model.xls $1,500
proj_combined cycle GT plant model.xls $2,000
proj_nuclear power plant model.xls $3,000
LP Models for Optimal Load   Dispatch
Optimal Load Dispatch_Luzon_1.xls $779
Optimal Load Dispatch_Mindanao_1.xls $773
Optimal Load Dispatch_Visayas_1.xls $740
LP Model for Trigeneration.xls $653




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