Ocean Energy

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Wave energy – winds generate large ocean waves that can be used to generate power from its potential and kinetic energy.

Ocean temperature energy conversion (OTEC) – temperature gradient between the surface and bottom of the ocean can be utilized in a heat engine to generate power

Tidal energy – caused by lunar and solar gravitational forces acting together with that from the earth on the ocean waters to create tidal flows manifested by the rise and fall of waters that vary daily and seasonally from a few centimeters up to 8-10 meters in some parts of the world. The potential energy of the tides is tapped to generate power.

Topics – Ocean Energy

  • Ocean Energy
  • Energy from Oceans (OTEC, Wave, Hydro, Tidal)
  • Efficiency & Types of OTEC (Open, Closed, Hybrid)
  • Ocean Waves: Potential, Progressive Wave Motion, Power Density
  • Devices that Convert Ocean Wave to Energy
  • Ocean Wave Power Plants
  • Tidal Energy, Its Potential
  • Types of Tidal Power Plants (Single-Pool, Modulated, Two-Pool)
  • Tidal Energy Power Plants
  • Cost of Ocean & Tidal Power
  • Benefits from Ocean & Tidal Energy
  • Environmental Impact & Risks

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