Project Finance Models for PROFESSIONALS

June 27th, 2012 Posted in renewable energy

Project Finance Models for PROFESSIONALS

Yes, your energy technology selection and business development expert has developed a low-cost set of project finance models for professionals (engineers, business development, investment bankers, managers) and novice professionals who want to learn and start their career in financial modeling of renewable energy projects.

Just follow this link to order, pay and download your favorite renewable energy project finance model – PROFESSIONAL EDITION.

For more information, you may contact your expert at:



MTO   Feed-in-Tariff Models for Renewable Energy (Professional Edition)
MTO   Fit_biomass cogeneration.xls
MTO   Fit_biomass direct combustion.xls
MTO   Fit_biomass gasification.xls
MTO   Fit_Mini Hydro.xls
MTO   Fit_ocean thermal_10 MW.xls
MTO   Fit_ocean thermal_50 MW.xls
MTO   Fit_solar PV.xls
MTO   Fit_wind.xls


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