Shopping Cart for my Power Generation and Fuel Cycle Technology Power Pt Presentation and Articles – new price list

August 13th, 2011 Posted in power generation

Shopping Cart for my Power Generation and Fuel Cycle Technology Power Pt Presentation and Articles – new price list

Due to the tremendous interest and response from avid readers to this blog, your energy technology selection and business development expert is now automating the order taking, payment and downloading of its various power generation power pt presentable and articles as well as project finance models.

Here is the new price list for my energy data base, power plant emission, feed-in-tariff, renewable energy resource assessment and project finance models for conventional, renewable and nuclear energy.

If you are investing in energy and power generation projects in the Philippines or any other country, please email me so you could outsource to me the gathering of all energy, oil and power consumption, demand and projections to support the market study of your feasibility studies.

To order at this time while the shopping cart is being constructed in my other website:

you may click on the DONATE button of this blog (to pay thru PAYPAL) and email me at


to confirm your order.

If you don’t have PAYPAL, you can remit paymit via bank or wire transfer to my current account which I will email to you once you confirmed your order.

Once I get confirmation from PAYPAL or my current account that the payment has been received, I will then email you the requested article or model.




Main Menu for Technology Presentation 0.0815 $16
Advanced Coal.ppt 1.03 $206
Advanced Energy Storage.ppt 1.49 $298
Biomass Energy.ppt 0.322 $64
Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT).ppt 4.12 $824
Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration).ppt 0.315 $63
Commercially Available Fuel Cycle Technologies.ppt 0.139 $28
Cost of power generation technologies.xls 0.13 $260
Fuel Cells.ppt 0.566 $113
Fuel Properties.ppt 0.22 $44
Generation of Electricity.ppt 0.567 $113
Geothermal Energy.ppt 0.691 $138
History of Power Generation.ppt 0.549 $110
Hydro Power.ppt 0.663 $133
Hydrogen Energy.ppt 0.091 $18
Levelized Cost of New Electricity Generation.ppt 0.431 $86
Long Term Energy Sources.ppt 0.373 $75
Near Term Energy Sources.ppt 0.576 $115
Nuclear Energy.ppt 0.784 $157
Ocean Energy.ppt 0.657 $131
Oil Price Calculation Model.xls 0.972 $194
Oil Thermal.ppt 1.21 $242
Piston Engine.ppt 0.138 $28
Primary Energy Sources.ppt 0.294 $59
Pulverized Coal.ppt 1.59 $318
Renewable Energy Sources.ppt 0.0685 $14
Simple Gas Turbe (GT).ppt 0.528 $106
Solar Energy.ppt 0.871 $174
Storage Technologies.ppt 0.806 $161
Technology Roadmap.ppt 0.193 $39
What is Electricity.ppt 0.241 $48
Wind Energy.ppt 0.761 $152
All Articles of Power Generation Technology 21.468 $4,528


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