Energy and Climate Change Projects of MARCIAL OCAMPO

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Energy and Climate Change Projects of MARCIAL OCAMPO

A)    International Consultancy on Renewable Energy, Fuel Cell Bus, Climate Change and GHG Inventory

1)      External Evaluation of ESMAP 2007-2011

January 6-19, 2012 completed (Manila, Philippines)

The Baastel Consulting Group has been contracted by the World Bank to carry out an
independent review of the outcomes and achievements of ESMAP for the last five
years.  ESMAP (Energy Sector Management Assistance Program) is a global knowledge and technical assistance partnership administered by the World Bank. ESMAP’s primary mission is to assist low and middle-income countries to increase know-how and institutional capacity to achieve environmentally sustainable energy solutions for poverty reduction and economic growth. More »

Avoiding Widespread Flooding Thru Predictive Dam Water Release Modeling – Recent Nigeria, Pakistan and Philippine flooding

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Avoiding Widespread Flooding Thru Predictive Dam Water Release Modeling – Recent Nigeria, Pakistan and Philippine flooding

The very recent Nigeria flooding that affected over  2 million people and the continuing widespread misery due to flooding in Pakistan is a portent warning of serious effects of global warming and unabated release of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions of CO2 and other similar gases such as methane (21 times of equivalent CO2).

This increasing severity of weather changes from widespread flooding to severe drought has indeed impacted on the daily lives of peoples, especially the poor whose makeshift houses along dangerous and hazardous terrain and communities are subject to more frequent dislocations and damage to property as well as loss of lives, which is magnified by the lack of adequate planning (such as doing predictive dam water release simulation), preparations (pre-positioning of emergency safety and rescue equipment), and lack of maintenance of flood control infrastructures such as dams, dikes, levies and embankment supports that separates the flood plains from low-lying communities.

Indeed, the lack of foresight (pre-emptive release of dam water) to avoid catastrophic release later at the height of a storm as what happened in the Pangasinan-Agno River system in the Philippines and the continuing saga in Pakistan is just another grim reminder of the need to use advanced computing technology (dam simulation logic and a Excel spreadsheet) to avoid the tragic consequences of damaged levees, embankments as a result of high releases of impounded water. More »

ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE: A Complete Review of Power Generation Technologies and Impact on Climate Change

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For:    ________________________ (name of suggested speaker/presentor, discussant/reactor, contributor/donor, exhibitor, participant)

From:  Marcial T. Ocampo

former Executive Director, Philippine Council for Industry & Energy Research & Development (PCIERD)

Department of Science & Technology (DoST)

Republic of the Philippines

Subject: Invitation to Conference on Energy & Climate Change as Speaker/Presentor, Discussant/Reactor, Contributor/Donor, Exhibitor, Participant (top management by invitation)


Dear Sir/Madam:

In view of the need to provide stakeholders’ input into the development of a new energy strategy of the incoming administration of President Aquino towards sustainable development, I would like to invite you to solicit your interest and participation on the proposed conference on

ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE:  A Complete Review of Power Generation Technologies and Impact on Climate Change

Date: tentative September-October 2010

Venue: To be arranged More »

Road Map for Pres. Obama : Preparing for the future energy economy is the quickest way out of the global financial crisis – low carbon, hydrogen, nuclear and breeder economy

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Road Map for Pres. Obama : Preparing for the future energy economy is the quickest way out of the global financial crisis – low carbon, hydrogen, nuclear and breeder economy

It seems that the stimulus package is not working for the USA.  A simple analysis reveals that it will never work because it is simply perpetuating and delaying the economic correction in the US which the Asian countries have done during the 1996 Asian Financial Crisis – they allowed big corporations to fail and recapitalize on their own accord, with government undertaking painful but necessary economic and fiscal reforms, and government leading the private sector in the right direction of energy efficiency (green homes and green buildings, smart grids, advanced and optimized manufacturing and logistics, optimal load dispatch, higher transport mileage, hybrid and electric vehicles), renewable energy (biomass, mini-hydro, wind, solar, ocean thermal energy conversion or OTEC), alternative fuels (biodiesel, bioethanol) and clean energy technologies (clean coal CFB, IGCC).

All of these initiatives, if undertaken on a global scale, will lead to sustainable development that mitigates global warming and climate change risks.  And sustainable development will always lead to greater customer confidence in the future, leading to willingness on the citizenry to spend their money in new and energy efficient technologies – the necessary ingredients for long-term economic growth.

This is what the US Pres. Obama and the US Congress should provide leadership so that the whole world will follow in unison towards a common goal of eradicating permanently global poverty through sustainable economic development.  Conserving expensive fossil fuels to prolong its economic lifetime while the world gradually shifts to a low-carbon economy is the heart of this paradigm shift. 

This article will explain how it can be done.  Please read on and give me your comments and suggestions, and if possible, email it to US Pres. Obama and the members of the US Congress.

The world’s ever growing population requires that massive energy and power projects be developed to keep pace with the socio-economic needs of the more technologically advanced offsprings of civilization.

Mankind has never seen before the exponential growth of energy demand as technological innovations lead to a more wired and electrically dependent society.

So the current scenario of a high carbon energy diet has raised alarm bells  throughout the world and this is being relentlessly being pursued by no less than former US President Al Gore and the new “Inconvenient Truth”. More »