Geothermal Project Finance Model Template (Financials Tab) – free demo

April 17th, 2016 No Comments   Posted in power generation

Geothermal Project Finance Model Template (Financials Tab) – free demo

This is the latest project finance model template (financials tab or worksheet) that your energy technology selection expert has developed for the geothermal power generation technology using energy stored on the earth’s crust. Familiarize with the template and if interested, get the full unlocked version for your immediate use. I can also provide data input service or customize further the model.

Energy stored on the earth’s crust during its creation, and its continued regeneration from nuclear reactions inside the earth to heat water that percolates into the earth’s crust is a continuing source of saturated and superheated steam which can be used to drive steam turbines in single and double flash steam cycles (but releasing the spent geothermal steam to the atmosphere), or using a binary fluid to capture the heat from geothermal fluids without the attendant problem of treating the spent geothermal fluid other than re-injecting it back to mother earth in an end-less cycle.

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