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ADV Diesel Genset Model.xls

ADV Diesel Genset Model.xls

Diesel Genset (compression ignition or CI engine) is the most common form of power generation for stand-by as well as peaking load power. In remote and off-grid areas, it also serves as base load power. A diesel power station usually consists of 2-3 larger base load gensets and 2-3 smaller peak load gensets. Base load units have 75% capacity factor while peak load units have 50% load factor.

In combination with intermittent renewable energy (RE) such as wind energy and solar PV, the RE component is limited to maximum 20% of total peak load MW and with wind capacity factor of 25% and solar PV capacity factor of 15%, this translates to 3-5% of MWh penetration only.

This advanced model for diesel genset (diesel oil or fuel oil) makes use of the basic assumptions¬† for rated capacity (5.0 MW base load and 2.5 MW peak load), capacity factor (80%), plant own use (10%), and 0.20% plant degradation rate. More »