Integrating energy resource assessment to project finance modeling : the key to fast turn-around in analyzing renewable energy potential and its economic viability

September 10th, 2010 No Comments   Posted in energy technology expert

Integrating energy resource assessment to project finance modeling : the key to fast turn-around in analyzing renewable energy potential and its economic viability

I am now in Jakarta, Indonesia as international technical consultant of a wind-diesel hybrid power generation project of an international development agency.  My consultancy is pioneering work that is applicable especially to poor and developing economies that has very little access to integrated consulting services that are appropriate to developing economies in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

Doing a renewable energy (RE) resource assessment of an intermittent source such as solar PV and wind and sometimes biomass, biogas, landfill methane gas, municipal solid waste (MSW) is indeed a backbreaking exercise even for an experienced consultant.

This difficulty is now a thing of the past because your Energy Technology Selection Expert (Marcial) has automated and computerized in an easy-to-use and accurate spreadsheet the evaluation of wind energy potential (which could be applied also to solar PV) that is found in wind speed data from space satellite doppler data measurements.

In a minute or two, a wind site using a wind turbine model (power curve) could be evaluated in terms of its kW output, leading to annual generation potential.  Thus a wind site with many turbine models could be optimized in less than 30 minutes. More »