Steam Cycle and Rankin Cycle Project Finance Model Template (Financials Tab) – free demo

April 17th, 2016 No Comments   Posted in power generation

Steam Cycle and Rankin Cycle Project Finance Model Template (Financials Tab) – free demo

This is the latest project finance model template (financials tab or worksheet) that your energy technology selection expert has developed for the steam cycle and Rankin cycle power generation technology using a variable of energy sources and fossil fuels such as  oil thermal (bunker oil) and gas thermal (natural gas). Familiarize with the template and if interested, get the full unlocked version for your immediate use. I can also provide data input service or customize further the model.

Among the oldest and most versatile power generation technology is based on the steam cycle, also called the Rankin cycle, which consists of a heating source to convert a liquid such as water into saturated steam or superheated steam to drive a steam turbine, and recover the spent steam in the condenser to be pre-heated in a steam drum and then converted to steam in a boiler and superheated further in the super heater of the Rankin cycle.

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