How to Design a Mini-Hydro Power Plant

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How to Design a Mini-Hydro Power Plant


Excel programs to help you automate your design, optimize penstock diameter and determine economic viability and prepare feasibility studies

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Order now your top-of-the-line this December your advanced Excel programs for designing a mini-hydro to develop a number of design alternatives and run the project finance models at various exceedance (% of the time a given flow is exceeded) in order to optimize hydro plant capacity and configuration as well as determine the optimal penstock diameters.

Mini-hydro Power Plant Design Toolkit.xlsm

ADV Mini-hydro Power Plant Project Finance Model.xlsm

Sample Feasibility Study for a Mini-Hydro Power Project.pdf

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Since time immemorial, the earth has been blessed with an endless cycle of rain falling from the sky, onto the watershed, flowing as run-off into the rivers, lakes, groundwater, and finally into the oceans where it picks up the Sun’s limitless energy to evaporate again and join the clouds, only to be cooled by the shadow of the earth as cold winds precipitate the saturated vapors that falls again to repeat the cycle. More »

Short-Term and Long-Term Solution to the Mindanao Power Crisis

March 29th, 2013 1 Comment   Posted in optimal load dispatch

 Short-Term and Long-Term Solution to the Mindanao Power Crisis

Mindanao needs temporarily for the next 5 years turbo-charged high-efficiency diesel genset units (4 x 50mw) in a power barge configuration. While it may appear expensive on a per kwh basis, it is operated only when there is a power deficiency, and its cost will be due to capacity fees (to recover capital costs for its 5-year deployment), operating & maintenance fees (to recover manpower, spare parts and admin fees) and fuel costs (pass thru fuel conversion costs). More »