New 2013 Price List of my Project Finance Models & Technical Tool Kits

January 17th, 2013 1 Comment   Posted in financial models

New 2013 Price List of my Project Finance Models & Technical Tool Kits

After the successful sale of my models and tool kits, I am happy to annouce the new price lists of my financial models, optimization tools and power plant emission calculation tool kits.

Order now this Christmass and get a whooping 50% discount on all articles and models. Hurry, this offer ends December 31, 2013. And if you buy two articles or models, the third one will be free! Order now and email me.

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Linear Programming (LP) Model for Cogeneration and Trigeneration – raising energy utilization efficiency

September 3rd, 2011 No Comments   Posted in Trigeneration and Cogeneration

Linear Programming (LP) Model for Cogeneration and Trigeneration – raising energy utilization efficiency

With the world running out of cheap fossil fuels (crude oil, coal, natural gas), and with continued rise of their prices in the international market, the world is exhausting all possible means of minimizing the impact of diminished supply and expensive cost of fossil fuels.

Among the response of the world’s leading economies as well as emerging economies is to raise energy utilization efficiency in power generation using cogeneration and trigeneration. When the simultaneous provision of electricity and process heat as well as cooling or refrigeration is desirable, the use of cogeneration and trigeneration will raise efficiency from the usual 33% of rankine thermal power systems (oil, gas, coal, biomass thermal) to 56% for cogeneration power systems (oil, gas, biomass) up to 80-90% with trigeneration.

Linear Programming (LP) and setting up LP models to optimize a number of processes and business models is an expertise close to the heart of the energy technology expert. As the LP model custodian of the Petron Bataan Refinery, he was involved in the re-structuring of the refinery’s cost minimization LP model to a profit maximization LP model that ensured that expensive intermediate process streams are blended to the higher valued products which a cost minimization model could not distinguish from. More »


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Your energy technology and pricing expert is releasing issue #2 on Advanced Coal Technologies.  This series will focus on energy technologies (fossil, renewable, nuclear, storage) by giving information on the energy resource, basic principles, energy conversion technology, overnight capital cost ($/kW), operating and maintenace costs (fixed O&M $/kW/yr, variable O&M $/kWh), maintenance and overhaul schedule (to determine capacity factor and availability), outage rate and reliability, construction lead time, economic life, conversion efficiency (input energy to output power or heat or cooling), fuel heating value (gross and net BTU/lb, kJ/kg, BTU/scf, kJ/Nm3, BTU/gal, kJ/liter), fuel costs ($/MT, $/kg, $/bbl, $/liter, $/MMBTU, $/GJ) in order to arrive at its levelized price and levelized generation cost of energy. The benefits and risks of each technology is also presented. I encourage the reader to follow this series.

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