Get Your Project Finance Models the Easy Way – Shopping Cart

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Get Your Project Finance Models the Easy Way – Shopping Cart

You can now order on-line your project finance models the easy way – via the Shopping Cart.

Once you have decided to purchase, proceed to order via the shopping cart and pay thru PayPal thru your bank account or your credit card and download immediately the models.

You can  contact me thru Skype or Yahoo Messenger or Telephone:

Skype = marcial.ocampo

Yahoo Messenger =

Mobile = +63-915-6067949

Fax = +63-2-9325530

Here are the links to my Shopping Cart (select, pay, download):



Cost   of Power Generation Technologies.xls
Levelized   cost of electricity.xls
Latest   Feed-in-Tariff Rates for Renewable Energy Technologies.doc
Wind   Turbine Price List.xls
Power   Plant Emission Data and Model:
Power   Plant Emission Calculation Model by mass.xls
Power   Plant Emission Calculation Model by concentration.xls
CDM   Feed-in-Tariff Models for Renewable Energy
CDM   Biomass Cogeneration Model.xls
CDM   Biomass Direct Combustion Model.xls
CDM   Biomass Gasification Model.xls
CDM   Mini-Hydro Model.xls
CDM   Ocean Thermal Model_10 MW.xls
CDM   Ocean Thermal Model_50 MW.xls
CDM   Solar PV Model.xls
CDM   Wind Model.xls
ADVANCED   Feed-in-Tariff Models for Renewable Energy
ADV   Biomass Cogeneration Model.xls
ADV   Biomass Direct Combustion Model.xls
ADV   Biomass Gasification Model.xls
ADV   Mini-Hydro Model.xls
ADV   Ocean Thermal Model_10 MW.xls
ADV   Ocean Thermal Model_50 MW.xls
ADV   Solar PV Model.xls
ADV   Wind Model.xls
ADV Solar PV-Diesel Hybrid Model.xls
ADV Wind-Diesel Hybrid Model.xls
MTO   Feed-in-Tariff Models for Renewable Energy
MTO   Fit_biomass cogeneration.xls
MTO   Fit_biomass direct combustion.xls
MTO   Fit_biomass gasification.xls
MTO   Fit_Mini Hydro.xls
MTO   Fit_ocean thermal_10 MW.xls
MTO   Fit_ocean thermal_50 MW.xls
MTO   Fit_solar PV.xls
MTO   Fit_wind.xls
Simplified   Feed-in-Tariff Models for Renewable Energy (Student Edition)
Simplified   Fit_biomass anaerobic digestion.xls
Simplified   Fit_biomass cogeneration.xls
Simplified   Fit_biomass gasification.xls
Simplified   Fit_biomass direct combustion.xls
Simplified   Fit_Mini Hydro.xls
Simplified   Fit_ocean thermal_10 MW.xls
Simplified   Fit_ocean thermal_50 MW.xls
Simplified   Fit_solar PV.xls
Simplified   Fit_wind.xls
Renewable   Energy Resource Assessment Model
Wind   Energy Resource Assessment Tool_Anemometer Measurement
Wind   Energy Resource Assessment Tool_3TIER Prediction
MTO   Project Finance Models:
proj_diesel   genset power plant model.xls
proj_hybrid   power plant model (diesel, biomass, mini-hydro, solar, wind).xls
proj_oil   thermal power plant model.xls
proj_coal   thermal power plant model (pulverized, CFB, IGCC).xls
proj_geothermal   power plant model.xls
proj_simple   cycle GT plant model.xls
proj_combined   cycle GT plant model.xls
proj_nuclear   power plant model.xls
LP   Models for Optimal Load Dispatch
Optimal   Load Dispatch_Luzon_1.xls
Optimal   Load Dispatch_Mindanao_1.xls
Optimal   Load Dispatch_Visayas_1.xls
LP   Model for Trigeneration.xls


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