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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Model – avail of 50% discount now

August 4th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Model- avail of 50% discount now

As promised in my previous blog, I will now deal with the cost of renewable energy technologies (feed-in-tariff). I will be making a special offer for the purchase of the following RE technologies:

1) Biomass Power Model (Direct Combustion, Cogeneration, Gasification of MSW)

2) Mini-Hydro Power Model

3) Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Model

4) Solar PV Power Model

5) Wind Power Model

6) Renewable Energy Resource Assessment Model (Wind, Solar PV, Mini-Hydro) – Converts wind speed measurement, solar radiation and rainfall data into hourly power output, annual power generation and annual capacity factor)

The Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Model is a project finance model for calculating the feed-in-tariff to be paid to all biomass energy developers and generators. It will be paid by the TRANSCO operator now NGCP (National Grid Corporation of the Philippines) who in turn collects the entire amount from all end-users and private generators of electricity in the country.

The Renewable Charge (RC) is like the Universal Levy that is calculated by dividing the total renewable energy payment to developers and generators by the total electricity sales in the country, thus spreading the burden uniformly thru all citizens, including all tax payers and non-tax payers and foreigners who are using electricity in the country.

Because of its universal application, the burden is small and equally shared by all citizens and foreigners alike, making a modest contribution to promoting renewable energy use, sustainable development by using inexhaustible renewable energy to conserve and prolong the lifetimes of fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas, LNG).

My model for feed-in-tariff (FiT) calculation has input and assumptions and result summary sheet that is easy to understand. It also has other worksheets for construction period and operating period calculations of capital cost, generation, revenues and operating costs. Standard financial reports are then prepared for income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and calculation of equity IRR and project IRR.

The special price of the Ocean Thermal FIT Model is US$1,200 with sample data and simple instructions.

To purchase, you may send payment thru PayPal by clicking the DONATE button in this blog found at the lower right hand side, or confirm your order via email and I will email back to you my bank account where you can remit payment via bank/wire transfer.

The control panel of the model is shown below:

———– price at 50% discount – US$600



Project Site Name & Location


Renewable Energy Source

Ocean Thermal

Hours per Year


  Construction Period (from FC) (months)


  Operating Period (Yrs from COD)


  Yrs from base year CPI & Forex (2009) for FIT


  Yrs from base year CPI (2011) for CAPEX


  Yrs from base year CPI (2011) for OPEX


Construction Sources and Uses of Funds, $000  
  Uses of Fund:  
    EPC (Equipment, Balance of Plant, Transport, Access Roads)


    Transmission Line Interconnection Facility


    Sub-Station Facility


    Development & Other Costs


    Construction Contingency


    Value Added Tax


    Financing Costs


    Initial Working Capital


  Total Uses of Fund


  Sources of Fund:  




  Total Sources of Fund


  Construction Unit Costs (US$/kW):  
    EPC Cost


    Plant Cost (Excluding VAT, Financing, Working Capital)


    All-in Project Cost


Model Check:  
Balance Sheet


Foreign Debt Amorization


Local Debt Amortization




Sources and Uses of Funds


Debt-to-Equity Ratio


Base Years  
  Base year CPI & Forex for FiT


  Base year CPI for CAPEX


  Base year CPI for OPEX


Commercial Operating Date







Technical and EPC Assumptions    
Unit Capacity of Plant (MW/unit)


No. of Units (unit)


Gross Installed Capacity (MW)


Plant Availability Factor, %


Guaranteed Efficiency Factor, %


Allowance for losses & own use, %


Net Capacity Factor after losses & own use, %


Net Electrical Output (MWh in 1st Year)


Plant Degration, % p.a. (1-20 Yrs)



% LC

Equipment Cost ex BOP, Transport ($000/MW)



Insurance, Ocean Freight, Local Transport



Balance of Plant (BOP), % of Equipment Cost



Transmission Line Distance (km)


T/L Cost per km, 69 kV ($000/km)



Switchyard & Transformers ($000)



Access Roads ($000/km)



Distance of Access Road (km)


Dev’t & Other Costs (land, permits, etc) (% of EPC)



VAT on importation (70% recoverable)



Initial Working Capital (% of EPC)



Contingency (% of Total Cost)



Operating Assumptions  

Equitty IRR

  Feed-in-Tariff (PhP/kWh)



  Duration of FiT (Yrs)


Project IRR

  Tariff post FiT period (PhP/kWh)



  FiT using Asset Base Methodology (PhP/kWh)


  Annual CER Volume (tCO2e/year) and $/tCO2e                -  


  O&M Cost ($000/unit/year)


  Spare Parts, Tools & Equipment ($000/MW/yr)


  O&M + Spares as % of EPC, T/L, S/S


  Refurbishment Cost (% of EPC)


  Timing of Refurbishment (Year from COD)


  G&A ($000/year)


  Fuel Cost (switch for Biomass: 1=yes, 0=no)


    Average Fuel Cost (PhP/mt)                -    
    Fuel Rate (kWh/mt)                -    
    Average Fuel Consumption (mt/year)                  -  
    Average Unit Cost of Fuel (PhP/kWh)               -     
  Days Receivable & Payable



  VAT Recovery


  Timing of VAT recovery (Yrs after COD)






Debt and Equity Assumptions  
Local/Foreign Capital Mix:  
  Local Capital


  Foreign Capital


  Local & Foreign Upfront & Financing Fees


  Local & Foreign Commitment Fees


  Local All-in Interest Rate excluding tax


  Local Debt Payment Period (from end of GP) (Yrs)


  Foreign All-in Interest Rate excluding tax


  Foreign Debt Payment Period (from end of GP) (Yrs)


  Local and Foreign Grace Period from COD (months)


  Local and Foreign debt Service Reserve (months)


  Debt Ratio


  Total Local Debt ($000) – 30%


  Total Foreign Debt ($000) – 70%


    Total Debt Amount ($000)


  Equity Ratio


  Equit Investment


  Cost of Equity (Onshore Equity IRR) – Nominal


  Cost of Equity (Onshore Equity IRR) – Real


WACC pre-tax


WACC after-tax


Tax Assumptions  
  Income Tax Holiday (Yrs)


  Income Tax Rate % (after ITH)


  Property tax (from COD)


  Property tax valuation rate (% of NBV)


  Local Business Tax


  Government Share (from COD)


  ER 1-94 Contribution (PhP/kWh)


  Withholding Tax on Interest (Foreign Currency) – WHT


  Gross Receipts Tax on Interest (Local Currency) – GRT


Economic Assumptions  
  Base Foreign Exchange Rate (PhP/US$) – 2009


  Forward Fixed Exchange Rate (2011)


  Base Local CPI – 2009


  Annual Local CPI


  Annual US CPI


  Annual Peso Depreciation Rate



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